Special Live Panel Debate – Brexit and your Business

Brought to you by Harrison Clark Rickerbys

Watch the ‘Brexit and your Business’ panel debate

Never has an issue divided so many people both across the country and in business. But as we near it’s inclusion, what will a deal or no deal mean for UK businesses and how have they been preparing? How will their access to skills and funding change? Will they need to put their prices up and what other trends are they seeing.

We assembled a prestigious panel for this discussion:

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed during the debate:

Kevin Shakespeare: Can you give us an overview of where we are now with Brexit and for those that may not know – an overview of key dates to come? (1:56)
Kevin Shakespeare: Do you think a deal is likely? (3:19)
Robert Capper: You will talk to lots of clients from various sectors – what are the common themes you are hearing from them regarding Brexit? (4:24)
Robert Capper: Do you get a sense that the businesses you are talking to are prepared? (6:45)
Tamzin Warby: Given that you have mainly worked outside of the UK – what’s your perspective from somebody looking in on ‘Brexit’ and how it’s been handled? (7:53)
Ian Herbert: Can you talk about the potential of impact of a deal or no deal on your business? (11:10)
Ian Herbert: The CEO of Ryanair implied that flights would be grounded due to Brexit, is this something you’re seeing in the sector? (14:00)
Rhydian Pountney: Can you talk about how Renishaw is preparing for Brexit – we understand you opened an Irish distribution centre etc? (16:16)
Mark Callaghan: What do you see as the opportunities and challenges of Brexit for your company? (20:20)
Tamzin Warby: How is MHI preparing and can you tell us about your international operations? (23:36)
Robert Capper: What should businesses know about how they can work with a law firm to solve the problems brought to light by Brexit? (25:26)
Kevin Shakespeare: Going forward do you project exports from the UK globally will increase despite Brexit – considering we currently import more than we export? (28:22)
Ian Herbert: Following the conclusion of Brexit – how would you like to see global tax strategy shaped? (30:40)
Ian Herbert: Comments have been made by politicians that the UK can be ‘Singapore without the sun’. Do you see this becoming the reality? (33:56)
Rhydian Pountney: Do you believe there will be an impact attracting talent to your business post-Brexit or is this an opportunity to attract more local talent? (35:38)
Mark Callaghan: What opportunities do you see going forward and post-Brexit? (37:23)

Questions from the public

  • Robert Capper: What sectors are likely to be most impacted by the UK leaving the EU? (39:10)
  • Ian Herbert: As mentioned by some commentators – does the panel feel that by leaving the EU the Uk is more likely to trade with the rest of the world? (41:42)
  • Mark Callaghan, Tamzin Warby, Robert Capper, Ian Herbert & Rhydian Pountney: If the vote was to take place again – how do the panel feel the UK public would vote? (43:03)

  • Final word from Mark Callaghan (49:47)
  • Final word from Rhydian Pountney (50:20)
  • Final word from Tamzin Warby (51:27)
  • Final word from Ian Herbert (52:18)
  • Final word from Robert Capper (53:12)

A special thanks to Harrison Clark Rickerbys for sponsoring this very special panel debate.

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