The men who built Oracle – navigating the world of work in the post-pandemic era

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered during this discussion:

  • Steve Garnett: What would you say are some of the things in business that won’t change regardless of what’s going on in the world? (3:27)
  • Stephen Kelly, Sukhendu Pal & Steve Garnett: What practical advice would you give to leaders looking to build a culture in their business? (7:42)
  • Steve Garnett, Sukhendu Pal & Stephen Kelly: We play clips from the 2020 iteration of this event to these great business leaders and see if they still feel the same way as they did then (22:53)
  • Steve Garnett & Sukhendu Pal: How do you truly put customer success at the heart of your company instead of just paying lip service to it? (44:08)
  • Stephen Kelly, Sukhendu Pal & Steve Garnett: What piece of advice would you give business leaders as they return to the office? (49:08)

For the second year in a row, we’ve teamed up with Funding London to discuss the practical steps businesses, employees, governments and other stakeholders can take to build a resilient, sustainable recovery, more than a year into a crisis that has crippled the global economy and fundamentally changed the way we live, work and communicate.

Who are these successful British business minds?

Whilst valuation has become the vanity of start-ups, all three worked in multiple iconic start-ups and built companies generating tens of billions of dollars in revenue. They created and led Unicorns before the term was invented. They started their career in Oracle when it was a start-up with few dozen people.

After over a decade with Oracle, Steve Garnett went on to co-create two other amazing companies, Siebel System and Salesforce, with the founders; Tom Siebel and Marc Benioff.

After leaving Oracle, Stephen Kelly led 3 successful turnarounds to growth as a ‘hands-on’ CEO and growing market value by approximately $10bn – most recently at Sage. He is the only business leader who ran two FTSE 100 technology companies. Stephen is also the Chairperson of Tech Nation, one of the country’s leading growth platforms for tech companies and leaders.

After a decade with Oracle, Sukhendu Pal went on to work for the biggest bank in the world, where he founded an organisation that became a $10bn revenue-generating business in the emerging markets spanning 72 countries.

Sukhendu and Steve are mentoring the Mayor of London’s portfolio of 150+ start-ups companies over the last 3 years. Sukhendu, Steve and Stephen have been friends for over three decades and share similar values. All three are advocates of compassionate capitalism, giving back to the community and supporting young aspiring entrepreneurs in this country and abroad.

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