What does the threat landscape look like for businesses?

  • What is the current threat landscape for businesses?
  • What are the key trends around Digital Transformation?
  • How can organisations be best prepared for the future?

For this special debate, Business Leader partnered with cyber security giants Dragos to assess the current threat landscape to businesses and organisations across Europe and the world.

Leaders are having to respond to macro threats such as conflict, pandemics, and political change; as well as micro-challenges around hybrid working, cyber security and digital transformation, all of these pose risks and uncertainties to business operations.


Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Sergio Caltagirone: As a cyber security expert – what is the biggest threat you see to businesses? (2:58)
  • Sergio Caltagirone: Has working from home created more threats for businesses? (4:11)
  • Sergio Caltagirone: As a business owner – what are the steps they can take to mitigate these threats? (5:57)
  • Laurance Dine: What are you seeing as the biggest threats that organisations are facing today? (7:50)
  • Laurance Dine: You recently produced a report detailing the UK’s most attacked industries, after the UK became the most attacked location. Can you tell us more about this? (10:37)
  • Laurance Dine: What future trends do you predict with the ways cyber gangs attack? (12:25)
  • Vicki Bowles: What are you seeing from your customers, and would you say the average business is well prepared? (14:23)
  • Vicki Bowles: What measures can the average business put in place to mitigate incidents and risk? (15:39)
  • Vicki Bowles: What legal recourse can a business have if they are attacked? (17:00)
  • Oliver Chapman: OCI work globally with customers across supply chains, trade and investment. What would you say are the key threats businesses are facing? (18:33)
  • Oliver Chapman: You mentioned items missing from shelves, such as toilet paper. Is this the new way of life or do you expect this to settle down? (24:39)
  • Sergio Caltagirone, Oliver Chapman, Laurance Dine & Vicki Bowles: Digital transformation is the buzz-phrase of the past two years. What does digital transformation mean for you and what should companies do to ensure they are covered from a threat perspective? (26:49)
  • Laurance Dine: What effect does cryptocurrency have on a supply chain from a threat perspective? (43:59)
  • Sergio Caltagirone, Vicki Bowles, Laurance Dine & Oliver Chapman: Final thoughts (45:43)

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