Weston College Tech Month Panel Discussion: Building an inclusive Tech workforce

Throughout the month and in partnership with Weston College, Business Leader will be focusing on the Tech sector and promoting the best of UK tech and bringing together thought leaders to share their insight and predictions. As the month draws to a close, we hosted a very special panel discussion looking at tech talent.

Who is on the panel?

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Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • William Britton: Your business AutonoMe is on a growth trajectory, how you have found recruiting the talent you need? (3:13)
  • William Britton: What you are doing to ensure you are building an inclusive tech workforce? (5:39)
  • Richard Godfrey: How are you finding the ‘war for talent’? (8:00)
  • Richard Godfrey: Does it make it difficult for some businesses to do the right thing around building an inclusive workforce if talent is so scarce? (10:00)
  • Stuart Harrison: What are your members at FinTech West saying to you about how they are finding things when attracting talent? (12:50)
  • Marty Reid: You work and connect with lots of tech businesses through the Engine Shed, is attracting the right tech talent an issue for them? (16:17)
  • Marty Reid: Do you think more needs to be done to build inclusive workforces? (18:16)
  • Zara Nanu: Are you seeing real progress when it comes to tech businesses in the region (and further afield) becoming more diverse? (19:16)
  • Zara Nanu: What are some key points leaders should be aware of when considering how to make their teams more diverse? (23:58)
  • Claire Arbery: Integral to building a more inclusive tech workforce is ensuring those from diverse background and females are becoming interested in the subject and feel like they can build a career in tech from an early age – what are is Weston College doing to encourage this? (26:08)
  • Claire Arbery, Zara Nanu, William Britton, Richard Godfrey & Marty Reid: Do you think enough is being done at the primary and HE level to encourage people and give them the tools to succeed in business? (29:03)
  • Richard Godfrey, William Britton & Stuart Harrison: When hiring talent – are people looking for more flexible working arrangements? (35:12)
  • Zara Nanu & Marty Reid: Is there a worry that the people who are working from home lose out on training, development and even pay-rises, compared to their colleagues that are working from the office? (42:10)

Questions from the audience

  • Stuart Harrison & Zara Nanu: How does the UK compare with other countries when it comes to building inclusive tech workforces? (45:21)
  • William Britton, Zara Nanu & Richard Godfrey: Has the pandemic and move to remote working for many opened the talent pool globally? (47:43)
  • Final word from Stuart Harrison (51:27)
  • Final word from William Britton (52:28)
  • Final word from Richard Godfrey (53:51)
  • Final word from Zara Nanu (55:02)
  • Final word from Marty Reid (56:07)
  • Final word from Claire Arbery (57:10)

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Click here for more content from our special Tech Month, brought you by Weston College.

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