Why every business leader should check their business interruption insurance policy, with Bird & Bird

We spoke to Russell Williamson, Senior Associate at renowned international law firm Bird & Bird, to find out why owners of business interruption insurance should review their policies now.

Businesses throughout the country have been sweating over cashflow and the effects of the pandemic are still being tallied with no end in sight.

However, a landmark test-case, brought by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), means that owners of business interruption insurance may be eligible for pay-outs.

  • Many will have seen reports in the press about businesses looking to claim under their Business Interruption (BI) insurance policies in relation to losses they have suffered during the COVID-19 lockdown. What is the scale of this issue? (1:10)
  • Can you explain what Business Interruption insurance is and what it specifically covers? (4:35)
  • You mentioned earlier that a test case has been brought in the UK. What is the significance of that? (10:12)
  • Will the Court’s decision be binding on insurers, meaning that they will have to pay out to relevant policyholders? (13:35)
  • So if you are a business which has a BI policy and you have taken a hit during lockdown, what steps should you now be taking? (16:01)
  • How do people get in touch with you for more information? (20:25)

If you would like to get hold of the Bird & Bird team for more information, give them a call on 020 7415 6000 or email Russell at russell.williamson@twobirds.com.

Be sure to have a look at the Business Interruption Insurance and COVID tracker on the Bird & Bird website.

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