Everest Windows on brink of collapse with 700 jobs at risk

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Double-glazing firm Everest Windows are reportedly on the brink of administration, which would put more than 700 jobs at risk.

Like many businesses within the industry, the coronavirus crisis has severely impacted operations – and Everest has seen contracts worth more than £20m been put in jeopardy.

Everest has temporarily suspended operations and is now believed to be in talks with potential buyers.

A statement on the company’s website read: “Unfortunately our manufacturing, installation and customer service functions all remain closed with the aim of keeping our staff and customers safe.

“Following the Government statement that allows manufacturing companies to begin working, we are currently planning to restart operations very soon.

“Sadly as our work involves visiting customers’ homes and many of our staff work in teams we are currently having to delay this restart until we can take all possible measure to protect our staff and customers.”

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  1. Whilst I agree with John Stevens I have a personal reason for saying, not just yet. After three years of shoddy service to repair sliding doors that have constantly leaked causing considerable damage to our home – even now three years on our downstairs lighting doesn’t work because of water leakage and our lounge ceiling having been removed is still removed with the constant smell of damp throughout the house, and having had enough of their failed promises was on the brink of issuing a claim for over £20,000. I would presume the secured creditors will have made sure they bag anything from the sale proceeds leaving unsecured creditors with nothing. So thanks Everest for a great rep-off………………

  2. i worked for them before lockdown as a tradesman of 25 yrs i would like to say sorry to each and every homeowner who chose everest
    they made it quite clear to me if i didnt remove unidentified asbestos i would have no more work good riddance to the shareholders that took a great company and drove it into the ground hope you dividends pay off ps i still have a video and testimony of your disgusting breach of health and safety good luck

  3. As a builder working for them. I could see this coming. I called it a day in time. This has nothing to do with covid19. I fell sorry for every customer

  4. We’re hoping they don’t go yet. I’m June 2019 Everest installed windows in our hall. The work is still unfinished and we have been in a mess for one year now. Due to come to finish on 23March – lockdown day- no one came – again! What do we do now?We’ve paid most of the money but if we get someone else in to try to match things up and finish it ….how will that work out? No criticism of fitters but the organisational skills of the company have let what was a great company down. We don’t know what to do!!! Maybe a kid company will buy it out and make it the best again.

  5. Everest Ltd has announced to employees it is to go into pre-pack administration.

    Current employees already in redundancy consultations have been left hanging after being told it will be up to the administrators to make the decision as to whether they will be moved across (TUPE’d) to the new company (Everest 2020 Ltd).This affects approx 220 employees.

    The redundancies will be spread across 4 depots around the country including head office, factories and satellite branches. Service engineers, some managers and admin staff have already been finished.

    Pension payments have been deducted from staff salaries but NOT paid into pension funds. An email to all staff outlined that “the directors have been taking professional advice from financial restructuring experts” and that they had been advised to stop all payments to creditors including the pension fund. The email goes on to suggest that pension payments are covered by a Govt scheme that will pay the shortfall.

    Everest Ltd have taken advantage of the Govt furlough scheme to pay staff whilst they arrange to go into administration and now, it appears, are stepping back from obligations regarding pension and very possibly redundancy payments by leaving the Govt to pick up the bill.

    Redundancies have now been made prior to completion of redundancy and TUPE consultations. Some staff have been immediately terminated and been told to claim notice pay, holiday pay and redundancy from the Govt.

    How can a company legally ‘buy’ itself and inject £3m into the ‘new’ business, take all existing orders, dump staff and effectively leave the taxpayer to pick up the bill?
    Everest restarted business as of Monday 1st June, apparently prior to relabelling as Everest 2020. Presumably any revenue from this work will go to the creditors of Everest Ltd as Everest 2020 did not legally exist? I doubt it!

    1. I worked for Everest for 17 years. I had a phone call Monday, to tell me I was redundant. And to tell me to go on online to claim redundancy etc. Just like that. J Hudson is absolutely correct in all that he has written. Failed leadership, bad management has caused the downfall of a once great company.
      I’m not vindictive person but in the case of Everest 2020, I hope that people will not be fooled into all the sweet talk and order anything from them.
      We all the staff who have been made redundant. have been treated disgracefully.

  6. I am a customer due an replacement panel installation on 26 march and have been told today that the contract won’t be fulfilled so they can’t have transferred the work to the new company.

  7. I’ve received an email saying they have gone into administration and the remedial work I am waiting to have completed following the installation of 2 windows wont be done.

  8. I had a conservatory and all the roof line gutters and boards replaced due to using Everest Ltd before. I have lots of experience in the construction industry and in the past regarded Everest Ltd as one of the foremost companies around. But after my installation I was so disappointed expecting the best. I contacted Everest Ltd not long after the installation was finished as I found out due to inspecting a gutter leak that they used the cheapest eaves protector available not the best quite shameful. I contacted Everest Ltd twice and never received a reply. Now the barge board connectors are coming away due to poor installation. My thoughts on this now are the quality of the products used have been down graded to the cheapest and sadly the fitters who were subcontract were not of the standard I paid for. This was without doubt a great company that has sadly been miss managed and put profits above quality and it has come back to bite them in the end. I do feel bad for all the staff except the management and some fitters as I cant see them all being bad. They got what they deserved and I will never use them again especially a take over. Modern building practices are now a disgrace and cost lives, you only have to sadly look at Grenfell tower which saddens me greatly

  9. I was due to have two sash windows installed around end of April 2020. I have already paid a deposit of almost £2000. What should I do, if anything?

  10. I have always had great service from Everest and no problems to date. However my crazed window due to a ‘bird strike’! is still waiting to be changed and has been paid for. Who has my money I wonder? Ideas readers who to go to?

  11. It has taken two years for Everest to build our conservatory. The walls were built, then had to come down as they were wonky, the glass was broken and had to be replaced, the builders turned our garden into a building site and the ‘project managers’ just couldn’t cope. The last we saw of Everest was in February when they had to replace all the roof glass after seven attempts at matching glass (they broke one panel). It hasn’t been inspected for final sign-off, we have a leak, nobody is answering our calls or emails and we have not received a letter to tell us anything about Everest going into administration – nor the fact that our big conservatory will not have a lifetime guarantee. Something we only learned by watching Watchdog. Yet we’ve received calls this week from ‘Barclays’ in India regarding payment. ‘Barclays’ have all our details except for the order number and their official email header/footer have several spelling mistakes. So not only have Everest dropped us completely in it with regard to the finish and guarantee, but they also appear to have either sold on our details or had a serious data breach.

  12. Can some one tell me please how is now going to honour the guarantees we were given by everest Because of lockdown I have repairs that need to be done and would of contacted them before the company had gone into administration but because of lockdown did not

  13. Just found that my conservatory doors are leaking black stuff into the glass panels. Rang them to ask them to honour 10 yr guarantee only to be referred to the website and see they are about to go into administration. What a bunch of crooks ( i say that having read all the above reports). My doors were installed in 2019, so well within the guarantee. Ha!

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