Family tragedy inspires the launch of a new business

The founder of a plant-based health supplement company has told how a family tragedy inspired him to launch his business.

Josh Pearce launched Plant Supplements following the suicide of his father in October 2019, after struggles with his mental health.

Josh’s company offers CBD protein powder which has helped Josh improve his own mental health and which he believes can help many others. He has pledged to donate 10% of all profits to UK mental health charities.

Josh, from Buckinghamshire, first discovered CBD while visiting America in 2018 where it had already been legal for some time.

The product is derived from cannabis oil and is used to treat many physical and mental health issues.

Josh was suffering with anxiety and was having trouble sleeping but after taking a CBD supplement for a few weeks, he found both were drastically improved.

He researched CBD further and found that it was a popular recovery supplement used by many professional athletes.

Returning to the UK, where laws concerning CBD had recently been relaxed, he found there was only one powder supplement on the market and as it was a whey product he found it didn’t agree with him as he is lactose intolerant.

He was sure he could develop a better tasting CBD powder product that would be entirely plant based, so be began experimenting with recipes.

It was at this time that his father became unwell with his own mental health and tragically took his own life.

Devastated Josh vowed to use his new business to raise money and awareness of mental health issues.

He comments: “The death of my Dad was the worst day of my life. He had been suffering with mental health issues for some time, but we didn’t realise quite how serious it was until it was too late.

“I had already had the idea for Plant Supplements and was perfecting my formula at the time but after Dad’s death I pledged to use the company as a force for good and make the business a success for him.

“Good mental health for all is the heart of what we want to achieve at Plant Supplements.

“I strongly believe that our products can help ease anxiety and they have certainly worked for me personally. I believe they can help many others too.

“It hasn’t been easy launching at the start of a global pandemic when I had hoped to make sales through gyms, but they have all had to close.

“There is still a taboo around CBD due to its origin and it was massively frustrating when we were banned from Facebook, but you just have to persist, dust yourself down and carry on.

“I do think it is crazy that they won’t allow us to advertise on there as our product is totally legal and beneficial to people. There are far worse things on Facebook.

“But you can’t let setbacks stop you and our online sales have been strong. What we have found is people come back to us time and time again once they do discover us.

“We have big plans for 2021, and I hope my Dad would be proud.”