Filmily raises $375,000 and develops AI solutions for the Dallas Cowboys’ fan base

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A Devon-based fan engagement company, is delivering AI solutions for domestic and international sports brands including Hampshire Cricket, Harlequins RFC, The Dallas Cowboys, The San Francisco 49ers and The US Tennis Open. The company has also partnered with US sport agency, Wasserman.

Andy Doyle, Co-Founder of Filmily, describes a typical use case with the Dallas Cowboys said: “We integrate with the club’s app which shows a spectacular touchdown and encourages fans to cheer at the camera. Our platform then collects that footage and within 30 seconds, creates mosaics for big screens, pitch-side advertising boards, TV and social media – where viewers can see thousands of fans cheering.”

Filmily’s AI selects content based on fan’s age, race and gender, their emotions, the brands they’re wearing or consuming, their location, how much the camera is moving and even their altitude; to determine whether they’re at pitch level or sitting higher up in the stands.

“If the Dallas Cowboys want to present themselves as a family NFL team, we can create mosaics displaying predominantly women and children from a diverse range of backgrounds – all smiling, wearing the correct merchandise and drinking the sponsor’s soft drink.”

Filmily also creates personalised videos for the individual fan to share on social media. The bespoke films display the fan starring in the middle of the frame before zooming out to show a whole crowd cheering. At the 2020 US Tennis Open, Filmily received 36,000 fan films and created 9,000 unique movies.

By enabling sports clubs to provide a more personal and meaningful experience to their global, remote fan base, Filmily has proved an invaluable resource during the COVID-19 pandemic and has grown rapidly in the past year.

“Fan engagement is key to any sports club,” continues Andy, “younger fans are now less likely to watch full games and are less loyal to specific teams.”

Filmily has gone on to raise $375,000 from Stadia Ventures, based in Missouri, and aims to raise another $340,000 by the end of June 2021. The business is now valued at $7m.

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