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Growth doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t come without its challenges. Leasing offers a business the opportunity to save time and money, enabling it to maximise its return on investment. In their 15 years of operation, Synergy Car Leasing continues to work alongside countless businesses through all stages of their growth journeys, offering the right funding solution for their fleets.

Whether a business needs its first company car, or is well established and growing its fleet, here are some of the top benefits of leasing.

Improve and manage cashflow

Leasing allows businesses to bring on the required assets (vehicles) to grow, while carefully managing cash flow. Synergy matches a business to the right finance at the right time, spreading risk and credit approval. Long-standing supplier relationships allow them to pass on substantial fleet discounts while accessing individual terms for larger fleets. Synergy also offers short-term leasing from 6 months, often ideal for a new start or venture capital invested company without the required credit history, but the ability to pay.

Low Benefit-in-Kind Tax for employees and directors

Synergy is seeing an increase in owner-managers, directors and company car drivers taking advantage of low Benefit-in-Kind tax for pure electric vehicles and returning to business leasing, to make substantial savings.  The current BIK tax rate for zero-emissions vehicles in 1% for the tax year 2021-22, and the team at Synergy supports businesses to make informed decisions and provides the necessary information for accountants and tax advisors.

Tailored Sourcing

Choosing a leasing broker like Synergy allows a business to source brand-new vehicles, configure the terms of the agreement, including the annual mileage, the length of the contract and the initial rental payment.  Synergy offers a wide range of funders, each with unique underwriting criteria to suit an individual business, delivering the best possible credit solutions.  From light commercial vehicles to executive vehicles to a couple of small pool cars, leasing offers the flexibility required to grow a fleet.

Maintenance & Servicing Included

Taking the fixed-cost maintenance and service plan offers efficiencies, saves time, and reduces overall management of the fleet, covering maintenance, routine servicing, roadside assistance, and tyres. This avoids any unexpected maintenance costs and frees up time to focus on what’s important.

No Hassle

Let someone else worry about depreciation and the resale value of the vehicle at the end of the contract, just hand the vehicle back by free arranged collection and begin a new contract on a brand-new vehicle.

To find out more about leasing, get in touch with the team at Synergy Car Leasing. You’re in safe hands.

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