finnCap Ambition Nation Listed 50: in conversation with Checkit Executive Chairman, Keith Daley and CFO, Aylsa Muir

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finnCap ambition nation conversation with Checkit Executive Chairman, Keith Daley and CFO, Aylsa Muir

Checkit has earned a spot on the Ambition Nation Listed 50 from finnCap. In the driving seat today is their Executive Chairman, Keith Daley and CFO, Aylsa Muir.

Checkit offers real-time workflow, monitoring and analytics services and has 58,000 registered users in organisations across a wide range of sectors including healthcare, catering, leisure and facilities. The company has over 170 employees and has worked closely with leaders, operational heads and frontline workers for over a decade.

The conversation with Checkit Executive Chairman, Keith Daley, and CFO, Aylsa Muir, provides an interesting insight into the organisation’s growth and transformation. Launched by finnCap in 2018, The Ambition Nation Listed 50 prestigious list is a distinguished collection of leading smaller UK-listed companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality as ranked by the company’s equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule.

Watch the discussion with Checkit Executive Chairman, Keith Daley and CFO, Aylsa Muir

Here’s what was covered in the conversation:

  • Aylsa Muir: Could you explain your role as a CFO? (0:51)
  • Aylsa Muir: You’re relatively new to the business, what are your first impressions? (1:50)
  • Keith Daley: You originated as a start-up within a much larger company, Electron Technology, tell us how it all got going and how did it happen? (2:22)
  • Aylsa Muir: Could you give us an idea of the implications of creating a new company out of an old one? (4:34)
  • Aylsa Muir: Could give us some of your reflections on how has the global pandemic affected companies? (5:24)
  • Keith Daley: What is your reflection on 2020 and what do you take from it? (5:44)
  • Aylsa Muir & Keith Daley: How has the global pandemic affected your growth plans? (6:11)
  • Keith Daley: Could you tell us some of the challenges you’ve experienced along the way? (8:41)
  • Keith Daley: If you could go back and give yourself a single piece of advice going through a difficult time, what would it be? (9:23)
  • Aylsa Muir: What value does Keith bring to the company in his role as Chair and what do you believe he does well? (10:05)
  • Keith Daley: What quality do you value in a CFO above all others? (10:39)
  • Aylsa Muir: The numbers connect so many facets of the business, such as environmentally, socially, culturally. How do these factors impact the business? (11:29)
  • Aylsa Muir: With the economic pressures of the current landscape, do you think environmental social impact on the planet is slipping down the priority list for many companies? (12:29)
  • Aylsa Muir: It seems that gender is much more than a tick box exercise for you. Do you feel that it adds to the success of the business? (12:57)
  • Keith Daley: How do you foster an environment that supports diversity and do you have any practical thoughts or tips? (13:30)
  • Keith Daley: When you talk about the customers as part of a network, it suggests that the value exchange really does work both ways there. Would you agree? (14:11)
  • Keith Daley: Have you come across any examples of companies changing how they operate? (15:09)
  • Keith Daley: What opportunities come with being a listed company? (15:49)
  • Keith Daley: M&A has played a big part in your journey so far. Why has this been so important to the company? (16:57)
  • Aylsa Muir: What would you say excites you about the future for Checkit? (17:48)
  • Aylsa Muir: What would be your advice for organisations hiring key talent in a newly virtual world, at a distance? (18:23)
  • Keith Daley: How do you try and make people feel welcome as they try and join the organisation, especially in such bizarre times we are living in? (19:06)

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