finnCap Ambition Nation Listed 50: in conversation with Cerillion Technologies CEO Louis Hall

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finnCap ambition nation conversation with Cerillion Technologies CEO Louis Hall

Each week, finnCap speak to CEOs and leaders from their prestigious Ambition Nation Listed 50, leading up to the Awards at the end of October. In the driving seat this week, is Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion Technologies; a leading provider of billing, charging and customer management systems.

Ambition Nation was launched in 2018 renowned financial advisor finnCap. It’s a platform for innovative, high growth companies to showcase their success stories and discuss the challenges of the modern business landscape. The finnCap Ambition Nation Listed 50 is a distinguished collection of leading smaller UK-listed companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality as ranked by finnCap’s equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule.

Cerillion Technologies has over 20 years’ experience delivering its solutions across a broad range of industries including the telecommunications, finance, utilities and transportation sectors.

Watch the discussion with Louis Hall, CEO of Cerillion Technologies, here

Here’s what was covered in the conversation:

  • Introduction to Cerillion (0:45)
  • Could you give us an idea of the scale and size of your business? (1:20)
  • Could you tell us some key moments from your 20-year journey with the company? (1:46)
  • When you were in the early stages of the company, what gave you the confidence to take on the larger companies? (3:09)
  • After you’d gone through your successful PE funding round, why did you feel that you needed to float the business and what opportunities did it unlock? (4:06)
  • You mentioned floating the business raised the company’s profile, what benefits have you seen from this? (5:10)
  • How has the pandemic of 2020 affected your business and what difficult choices did you have to make? (5:52)
  • Your clients get more and more innovative, do they become less reliant on you as a service provider? (7:04)
  • As there’s more of a spotlight on being environmentally friendly, do you feel some responsibility to make a difference in the sectors you work in? (7:53)
  • How has your own company culture evolved? (9:38)
  • How has remote working, or the lack of face-to-face interaction with potential clients affected your ability to win new business? (10:30)
  • Despite the turbulent few months, what do see for the wide outlook for the telecoms sector? (11:01)
  • Do know you any up-and-coming tech companies that we should keep an eye out for? (11:41)
  • What do you do before you have to make a big decision? (12:31)

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finnCap advise ambitious companies and promote their stories to find the right investment for growth. They also help these companies access the growth capital that’s right for them. See the finnCap website for information.

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