finnCap Ambition Nation Listed 50: in conversation with Tracsis CEO Chris Barnes

finnCap ambition nation conversation with Tracsis CEO Chris Barnes

In the driving seat today Chris Barnes is CEO at Tracsis. The company is a leading international provider of software and services for the planning and management of mass transit operations. Host Oli Barrett talks to Chris about the company’s acquisition strategy, maintaining a good company culture, the effects of the pandemic and much more.

Spun out from the University of Leeds, Tracsis was established in 2004 and has grown significantly through both investment in technology and acquisition. The company is listed on the FTSE AIM and prides itself on solving critical transportation sector challenges. Tracsis has also earned a spot on the Ambition Nation Listed 50 from finnCap. The prestigious list is a distinguished collection of leading smaller UK-listed companies that offer the best blend of growth and quality as ranked by finnCap’s equity analysis tool, The Slide Rule.

Watch the discussion with Chris Barnes, CEO of Tracsis, here

Here’s what was covered in the conversation:

  • Introduction to Tracsis (0:41)
  • The company was developed out of the University of Leeds, could you tell us about that? (2:10)
  • Could you tell us about some of the company’s milestones to-date? (2:59)
  • The company has an interesting story from university spinout to buying other companies. Why was that the choice? (4:03)
  • What was the main guide on your acquisition strategy? (5:03)
  • As a CEO, how do you develop a culture in a company that is still growing? (7:13)
  • What opportunities come with being a listed company? (7:49)
  • Looking back across Tracsis’ history the biggest challenges that you think the company has faced? (14:26)
  • The business has evolved dramatically, especially during COVID-19, how would you say the culture has evolved as a result? (11:05)
  • Overseeing a number of entrepreneurs and moving parts in your business, you could easily get lost in the detail. How you do prioritise your time as a CEO? (11:57)
  • What are the biggest challenges you’ve noticed in the rail industry due to the COVID pandemic? (12:29)
  • How have your growth plans changed due to the pandemic? (13:35)
  • Looking at the bigger picture, how do you see the future of the rail industry? (14:26)
  • With the economic pressures of the current landscape, do you think environmental social impact on the planet is slipping down the priority list for many companies? (15:19)
  • Would you say that your company philosophy is to lead by example when it comes to sustainability to help to raise the game of the organisations that you supply to? (16:13)
  • You’re in the driving seat at Tracsis. What would you say is driving you? (16:59)
  • Is there anything that you now know about how to get the best from people that you wish you’d known a bit sooner? (17:45)
  • Your company is building solidly in the UK, but there are a lot of opportunities to expand globally. How do you tread the line between the two? (18:32)

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