First members club and workspace for health & wellness professionals raises $3m funding

Until, the world’s first members club and workspace for personal trainers, coaches and treatment professionals, has raised $3m as part of its initial fundraise.

Until’s investors include senior execs and founders from major corporations, including Novartis, Bridgepoint, Secret Sales, IG Index and Abacus Insights.

Until is a community driven B2B model, created and designed entirely for self-employed health and wellness professionals; giving them a new home to run their businesses from.

Launching first in London and working with Soho Estates, the first Until site will be in the new Ilona Rose House, moments from Tottenham Court Road Station. Opening its doors this Autumn, Until will compromise of an 8,500 square-foot space that includes 3,000 square-foot of gym floor, 11 treatment rooms, 7 coaching rooms and a Clubhouse for members to connect and collaborate when they’re not delivering sessions for clients.

The ultimate goal of the business is to give these professionals a better workspace and all the support they need to run and grow their businessesievement.

Until co-founders Vishal Amin and Alex Pellew recognised that the industry was broken—an issue that has been accelerated by at least five years because of Covid.  Amin and Pellew could see that professionals in the health and wellness space created huge value for their clients yet, in the current industry-standard model, weren’t given a fair share of that value by employers.

“We wanted to change that,” says Vishal Amin. “We have developed a business model that gives health and wellbeing professionals full control over how they work, earn and live.  Ultimately, this allows them to realise the full value of the service they provide while removing many of the fears and pressures of being self-employed.”

“We have found that often health and wellbeing professionals are great at serving their Clients, but all the tasks that go into running a business —marketing, accounting, business admin—that’s often the bit that they struggle with. Over time, we will take that work off their plates, so they can focus on what they’re brilliant at: transforming bodies, minds and lives,” says Alex Pellew.