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Five expert strategies to keep entrepreneurs on track

Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, tend to be passionate people whose minds are active all the time. But a million ideas, strategies, and thoughts about your business can make it difficult to stay focused on the things that help you achieve your goals.

In this guest article, Strategic Coach, a coaching company that works with successful entrepreneurs from across the globe, shares some strategies to help you regain focus when you’re starting to veer off track.

In our experience, entrepreneurs rarely become distracted because they lack skills or opportunities. In fact, the opposite is usually true. The biggest obstacle to an entrepreneur’s success is usually that they have too many thoughts, ideas, and opportunities, and often these take over.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, or unsure of where to go next, take a pause. Dedicate some much-needed time to get re-centred using some of the strategies below. When you can step back and work on yourself and your business (instead of in it), you’ll uncover the insights you need to move forward in a productive way.

    Here are some areas you can focus on:

    Get realigned with your vision

    Re-focus on your goals, your ‘why’, and your value proposition. Going back to basics and thinking about your big vision and where you want to go (and grow) can help ground you and realign your focus and attention on what’s important and what specific actions need to happen next.

    Uncover what’s not working

    Easier said than done, but getting clear on what’s bothering you, what your obstacles are, and what your specific roadblocks are is key to moving forward. This is where coaching can really help, or leaning into the support of a trusted advisor who can help tease out the truth of a situation. Knowing where the actual problems lie is the obvious first step in finding a solution.

    Find the lesson

    If something hasn’t gone as planned, instead of letting it sap your energy and attention, use it as an opportunity to learn or see something new. Dig into the specifics of what worked and what didn’t, and set out a clear plan and path for how to do it better next time given what you’ve learned. You can transform something that’s taking up mental space and energy into a key business lesson that’s easy to move on from.

    Don’t take things personally

    If you find that you’ve been affected by another person’s actions (or inactions), try to remember that their decisions are determined by their factors, not yours. You probably aren’t number one on their list of priorities, and they probably won’t have any idea of the impact their actions have had on you. Remembering that other people do things for their reasons, not yours, really helps to give some perspective.

    Take a (much-needed) break

    This is key! If you find yourself getting easily distracted, ask yourself when you last had some genuine time away from the business. At Strategic Coach, we encourage all entrepreneurs to take a Free Day, which is a genuine 24-hour period with no work. This gives you a chance to recharge your batteries so you return feeling more energised, creative, and focused.

    Everyone gets ‘stuck’ from time to time, even (or especially) entrepreneurs. But what separates the extremely successful from the rest is that they know how to get unstuck faster.

    As an entrepreneur, your time is precious, and being paralysed by inaction is the worst way to spend it. So if you think you’d benefit from some support in moving forward, visit and book a free Discovery Call today.

    Even if Strategic Coach isn’t a fit for you, you’ll still walk away from this session with renewed clarity around your goals, an impactful game plan to reach them, and a fresh perspective on the future you visualise for yourself and your business.