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Five tips for young female entrepreneurs

Carli Wheatley

Carli Wheatley is best known as the Founder of Protein Haus. She describes herself as an eccentric and passionate female entrepreneur on the move.

Carli is rooted in authenticity, self-respect, self-love and encouraging people to live their best life through a combination of practices and improving individual elements at no detriment to others. She boasts various qualifications and years of experience in all areas of health and wellness including being a Level 4 Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Nutrition and Weight Management Coach.

Carli is exploring new ways to be creative and innovative when it comes to performance based nutrition and uses natural ingredients for sport and human performance.

She is a constantly coming up with innovative ideas and concepts, which have developed amidst the constant evolving health and fitness market and is due to launch two new exciting brands over the next 6-12 months.

As a successful young female entrepreneur Carli has outlined five tips on how to build a business empire.

  • Be very clear about what you are trying to achieve from the outset; treat your business like your best friend, you need to know it inside and out.
  • When going into business with a partner make sure you invest in getting the appropriate processes in place from the start to protect yourself. Investing in an independent lawyer or accountant is a must and will ensure that you have clear and firm agreements in place.
  • Protecting your shares is very important. Hiring a great lawyer can help ensure this. If at any point something goes wrong and you are in the position where the other shareholders are attempting to get you out of the business, you are able to safeguard these.
  • Invest time in your staff- make sure you make time to educate everyone in the company to feel inspired and fully understand the brand and the journey you want to take it on. I truly believe that if you encourage your staff to feel invested and a part of the brand, it will help drive them to succeed and achieve. It’s a win win!
  • Most important is to MAKE A START, as soon as you can, with whatever you have.