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Flexology sets up flexible working culture for Proctor + Stevenson

Flexible working specialists Flexology have helped a Bristol-based marketing and communications agencies to launch a new culture of flexible working.

Consultant and recruiter Kristal McNamara has spent the past three months working with Proctor + Stevenson (Proctors) to design a flexible working system for the company’s 70 staff.

The new culture, the product of three months of consultancy and planning at a leadership and team level, is aimed at improving retention and productivity at Proctors, giving employees more autonomy to manage their own time and workload.

Staff will be able to set their own working hours, for example coming in early or late to improve their commute, by extending their lunch breaks or by working from home more often.

In the meantime, Flexology will work on a recruitment drive to fill available positions at Proctors with new staff attracted by the appeal of a more fluid working culture.

Having completed benchmarking as part of the consultancy programme Ms McNamara has helped put in place measurement for the new culture’s effectiveness, including expecting financial improvements based around the attraction and retention of staff.

Monthly measurements will review and monitor the new system, with continual improvements implemented through an agile approach of quick, regular changes, if necessary.

McNamara said: “Our work with Proctors offers the perfect demonstration of the varied benefits of embedding a flexible working culture.

“We are excited to implement tangible improvements to the working life of everyone in the organisation,  and look forward to helping Proctors find more talented employees who can join their great teams, working flexibly and focusing on delivery for clients, rather than the hours they work.”