Flourishzone receives £140k investment from BPEC

A start-up with its sights set on revolutionising the global workplace wellbeing and coaching industry is a step closer to realising its ambitions thanks to a £140k investment from the Bristol Private Equity Club (BPEC). 

Flourishzone will use the funds to add the finishing touches to its proprietary technology designed to help companies boost employee productivity through AI and machine learning algorithms. 

According to Flourishzone’s Chief Growth Officer, Mike Sotirakos, reduced productivity caused by factors including poor wellbeing, mental health issues and lack of proper coaching costs businesses around £9trillion globally. 

“Our philosophy is that from the director level down all companies and large organisations need someone they can trust to coach them and drive them towards continuous improvement,” he said. 

“What we have developed at Flourishzone is a digital platform which creates an ecosystem of such experts to help organisations flourish and grow.” 

Once the artificial intelligence-driven platform is made publicly available professional lifestyle and business coaches from anywhere in the world will be able to add their own content, including questionnaires and videos, which the end users – businesses and their employees – can use to help their working lives. 

“The world is facing a workplace wellbeing epidemic,” continued Mike. “Flourishzone is all about workers’ own wellbeing, helping them set goals and ensuring those are aligned with the aims and aspirations of the corporate.” 

He added: “There is an enormous global market out there of companies seeking ways to boost productivity, coupled with highly skilled coaches who can provide solutions to that issue. 

Flourishzone can connect these groups to create a virtuous circle where happy, engaged and motivated workforces are plugging the productivity gaps.” 

Nine members of Bristol Private Equity Club (BPEC) decided to invest a total of £140k into Flourishzone 

Jerry Barnes, founder of BPEC, said: “More and more West-based businesses like Flourishzone are developing world-class technology which has the huge potential to transform the way we live and work.  Within BPEC we now have 80 successful entrepreneurs and business people with capital to invest. 

“Our members are all committed to supporting fast growing and successful businesses and to share the expertise and lessons they have learned over the years with those at the leading edge of development.”  

Bristol Private Equity Club has now invested a total of £6m in three years in 19 Bristol area businesses.