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Football fans to prepare work absence excuses if England win Euros

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With England on the brink of their first major silverware for over 50 years, business owners are preparing themselves for a Monday of no shows and some outlandish sickie excuses.

Celebrations are likely to carry over into the next day if the England team beat Italy in the Euro’s final and fans are going to have to get creative to pass off their hangover as a sick day.

The football lovers at have pulled together the best and worst sick day excuses for any fans needing some inspiration.

From faking illness, to claiming a family emergency or even a burst water pipe, there are a whole host of excuses fans can turn to.

But the team do warn that employers will be well aware they’re nursing a hangover if England do win and lift the trophy.

John Stirzaker, a spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “The whole nation will be behind the England squad and it is reasonable to assume that some fans will be partying early into the morning. Employers will be well aware of this and the potential over consumption of alcohol if football does indeed come home. Fans will be unlikely to get any sympathy if they feel under the weather but after over 50 years of no England silverware, I’m sure most employers will be expecting a few absences the next day. After all, it’s not often we can say ‘it’s coming home’ and actually mean it!”

Here is’s guide to some sick day excuses:

Faking illness

Pretending to be ill is a classic sickie excuse. After all, who wants someone with a sickness bug turning up to work and you really can’t work if you have a migraine, or flu. Some may go as far as faking Covid symptoms although stretching the truth this far is not one we’d recommend.

Disaster at home

If your water pipe bursts, your shower is leaking or the door lock has broken of course you need to stop at home. However, now working from home is a thing, you really should be logging on and making an attempt at work.

Family emergency

Whether it’s a poorly little one or a mission to pick up an aunt stranded at a remote railway station, you can always rely on your family to get you out of a hole. Just make sure you’re clear on the outlandish excuse you gave when your boss questions you.

Weird injury

Did you trip over the cat and sprain your ankle? Get your thumb caught in a pair of scissors? A little far fetched but worth a try. 


If you feel okay, try the oversleeping excuse and aim to start work a little later. Of course you can always make the time up at the end of the day.

Car Trouble

For most people a car is the primary mode of transport to get to work and from work. If your vehicle has failed its MOT or you feel like the car may be unsafe to drive, this could provide you with a valid reason to stay at home. Also, if you’ve had a few too many the night before, driving to work might not be the safest option.

No internet

Not being able to work because you have no WiFi has definitely become more prominent as more and more staff now work from home. Turning off Zoom or Skype for the day will still allow you to complete your work but without the hassle of dealing with meetings whilst hungover.


You could always be honest – most bosses will be preparing for some absences and tired staff the next day. Honesty is often the best policy.