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Foreign Currency Direct rebrands to Lumon in shifting foreign exchange space


Foreign Currency Direct (FCD) today launches as Lumon, bringing together customers from recent acquisitions including Infinity International and Earthport FX under one brand.

In the overseas payments space, Lumon combines the companies’ expertise to provide clarity on moving money across borders for both business and personal customers across the portfolio.

The new name is inspired by light. Lumon shines an expert light on overseas payments and reveals the overseas payments landscape to customers. Its strength lies in its focused support, dedicated to helping customers understand the options open to them to achieve their goals.

Shamus Hodgson, Chief Executive Officer at Lumon, said: “The overseas payments industry is rapidly evolving and yet we believe it’s crying out for reinvention. Through a period of economic market volatility and rapid development of digital first offers, we’ve always had our customers’ end goals in mind.”

Following extreme volatility in the currencies market caused by global events such as Brexit and COVID-19, Lumon’s new strategic direction seeks to disrupt the world of overseas payments.

Lumon’s payment platforms and hedging/commercial strategies help customers move their money effortlessly, analyse currency risks and understand the myriad of options available to them, leaving them to focus on their day-to-day business needs and individual aspirations.

Shamus continued: “For too long businesses and individuals have been left in the dark; there’s been a lack of transparency from the overseas payments sector about the solutions available and the costs involved. Lumon is our challenge to the market.

“By consolidating our resources and expertise under one brand and one team, our distinctive offering gives our customers sector-leading service that is always tailored to their goals – from purchasing a new property overseas to expanding a business internationally – and is always underpinned by our values. Like our previous brands, Lumon will be unashamedly customer-led. We see value in focusing on tomorrow’s plans, not just daily foreign exchange rates.”

Lumon is part of Pollen Street Capital’s portfolio of companies. An independent, alternative investment management company, Pollen Street Capital specialises in driving digitally-led high growth businesses in the financial and business services sectors.