Former Apprentice Star Sabrina Stocker Launches Tennis NFT

Former BBC One Apprentice finalist Sabrina Stocker has announced the launch of 15 Love – a series of tennis-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) designed to provide fans across the globe with unique digital artwork and access to their favourite tour players.

The 26 year old entrepreneur – previously featured in Forbes – has in recent years, been involved with the dramatic growth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and has now turned her attention to her
first love of tennis; bringing the sport she loves and Web 3.0 together in a distinctive fashion.

With an international team of Web 3.0 experts behind the project, as well as Stocker’s brother – a former professional tennis player – the ambition is for 15 Love to become the home of tennis in
the Web 3.0 world. Fans can experience being closer to tour players than ever before thanks to each NFT carrying a long-term utility.

Speaking about the project, Stocker commented: “I’m so excited to be bringing two areas I’m so passionate about together via the launch of 15 Love. Our ambition is to become the home of
tennis in the Web 3.0 world and we want 15 Love investors to be a part of that evolution, as we work to build a community of tennis fans and special events.

“Unlike other NFTs on the market, 15 Love artworks have a utility attached to them, meaning fans and investors receive both a digital image, as well as access to Q&As, prizes, lessons and interactive sessions with famous tennis stars. All of our NFT holders will be among the first to own a series of NFTs that enables them to be part of a tennis-related Metaverse community.”

The 15 Love NFTs are a series of 3D tennis rackets with a range of utilities attached, including:
• Metaverse events featuring 15 Love tennis ambassadors, including Jo Durie, Alfie Hewett & Marcus Willis
• Q&A interactive sessions with 15 Love tennis ambassadors
• Chance to win unique tennis prizes and promotions
• Priority access to all of our upcoming Web 3 projects and in-person event