Former Bristol Bears player launches off-market property app

Danny Gray

Danny Gray

Zump, a new off-market property app, has launched in Bristol with the promise of empowering house hunters to take control of their search, when they can’t find what they’re looking for on Rightmove or through estate agents.

Co-Founded by former Bristol Bears player Danny Gray, Zump transforms the process of buying or selling a property, providing a solution to many of the apparent shortcomings in the housing market today.

‘Off-market’ refers to any property not currently listed on a portal or with an estate agent. Across BS postcodes, it’s estimated that right now there are over 114,000 people who are thinking about moving but only around 3,250 houses listed on Rightmove. The number of properties a buyer can interact with on Zump is 455,000.

Following his career as a professional rugby player, Zump co-founder Danny Gray has built up considerable experience over the last 15 years in both the supply and demand side of the property industry.

He commented: “There’s currently a huge shortfall in available on- market properties meaning many buyers are unable to find what they want, which deters them from continuing their search and ultimately listing their own property for sale.

“This, coupled with the fact that formally listing with an estate agent is currently the only way to see who might be interested in your property – an all or nothing approach with expensive fees attached – means many people just don’t bother and end up staying put.  Zump is here to break this vicious cycle.”

Zump is the brainchild of brothers Danny and Jamie Gray, who between them have 30 years’ experience in the property industry. This has included the setting up of NEXA Properties, which is a challenger to the traditional estate agency model. Danny and Jamie are now looking to bring further innovation to the property market with the launch of Zump.

Danny Gray added: “We know there will always be the need for quality estate agents and property portals, but we do believe that some of the problems have remained for far too long. Providing a different solution and more choice is a necessary step in an industry that has remained relatively unchanged for over 20 years. Not enough choice and too many barriers for owners to enter the market passively has led to a bottle neck and a chicken and egg scenario, which needs fixing.”