Founder with one GCSE to his name sees his business set to hit £18m in sales in its third year

Wayne Starkey (left) & James Whiting (right) – The Skinny Food Co – co-founders

The Skinny Food Co® is on course to turnover £18 million in just its third year.

The brainchild of inspiring entrepreneurs, Wayne Starkey, 41 from Blackpool, and James Whiting, 29 from Nottingham.

Wayne only received one GCSE through his education, but is evidence as to what can be achieved with ambition, determination and a vision.

He previously took his own sports nutrition brand from turning over £60,000 to £2 million all from his garage, but armed with 15 years’ experience working in the food and drink and health and wellbeing market wanted a new challenge.

From there The Skinny Food Co® was born, as both Wayne and James, fuelled by diabetic family members, forced to avoid many flavoured, sugary foods, identified a gap in the market.

The pair invested just £3,000 of their own money to bring their idea to fruition when launching the brand in May 2018.

In the first 12 months alone, The Skinny Food Co® sold over one million bottles of their healthy table sauces, to achieve turnover of £1.5m in year one.

This increased to £4.6m in year two and the business is projected to turnover £15 million in just its third year. This January alone turnover was £2.3 million.

Interestingly, The Skinny Food Co® says they have twice been invited to present on Dragon’s Den, most recently last year but declined to take part.

Co-founder Wayne Starkey comments: “A lot of people have started to pay attention to their health more – we know for example, that sugar is a big factor relative to obesity that people are looking at. At The Skinny Food Co® we’re passionate about continuing to provide customers with healthier alternatives.”

Fellow co-founder, James Whiting adds: “Our expansion across leading supermarkets is part of a wider retail strategy designed to reach out to a large audience of consumers who are increasingly interested in making healthier choices for their lifestyle.”

In line with their continued expansion, the company has grown from just 12 to 40 in the last 12 months, and The Skinny Food Co® says it is committed to continuing to grow the brand, 20 further jobs to be cultivated this month alone.

They have also supported over 40 smaller brands through the pandemic by selling their products on their platform, which sees over a million visitors a month.