Free CPR training for North Somerset

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons

Clevedon based Southwest Medical Services is offering free first aid training to people in North Somerset

As part of a drive to teach more people in the region what to do in an emergency, the firm, run by 31-year-old paramedic Chris Parsons, is funding a series of free training courses.

“Every year more than 75,000 people die in the UK from a sudden cardiac arrest (SDA), which is when the heart stops pumping blood, containing vital oxygen, around the body,” says Chris. “It affects all age groups from school children to the elderly, and, if nothing is done to help, the chances of survival fall at approximately 15-20 per cent per minute.

He continued, “Very few people seem to know basic CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and this is very worrying, because, although the ambulance service always get to patients as soon as possible, waiting for an ambulance to arrive could be leaving it too late.”

Chris, who has worked for the ambulance service for nearly 10 years, set up Southwest Medical Services in 2007. The firm provides professional, affordable first aid training and medical cover. All staff are either medical professionals or emergency services personnel to ensure the highest standards and most up-to-date protocol.

The company has decided to offer its Basic Life Support (BLS) three hour training course, free of charge because its staff sees first-hand what a difference knowledge of basic first aid and CPR could make to so many emergency situations.

Training will include basic first aid, resuscitation (CPR), and an introduction to defibrillation, how to put someone in the recovery position, how to control bleeding, what to do if someone is choking and how to deal with an unconscious person.

Southwest Medical Services is funding approximately 300 places, on a first come first served basis, and would love to be able to offer more, but unfortunately, cannot afford to do so.

“We are offering 300 places for free across North Somerset and Bristol, and are grateful to all the venues that have offered their premises to help with this initiative,” explains Chris, “but if we want to be able to carry on offering this vital training to members of the public, we really need sponsorship.”

Anyone interested in attending a free CPR training course should visit to see what courses are on in their area and apply for a place.

Anyone interested in becoming involved in helping finance the free CPR initiative, either by funding further courses or offering a course venue for free, should contact Chris on 01275 541124 or email

Courses in North Somerset:
Nailsea Baptist Church
Tuesday 28th February 2012
Tuesday 27th March 2012
Session 1 : 9am to 12pm
Session 2 : 1pm to 4pm
Session 3 : 6pm to 9pm

Courses in Bristol:
Bradley Stoke Children’s Centre
Thursday 9th February 2012
Session 1 : 1pm to 4pm
Session 2 : 6pm to 9pm

@Symes, Hartcliffe
Friday 10th February 2012
Session 1 : 9am to 12pm
Session 2 : 1pm to 4pm

Filton Children’s Centre
Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Session 1 : 1pm to 4pm
Session 2 : 6pm to 9pm

Patchway Children’s Centre
Friday 2nd March 2012
Session 1 : 9am to 12pm
Session 2 : 1pm to 4