Future Energy Ventures launches with new €250m investment capital portfolio

Future Energy Ventures, a venture capital platform that invests in the digital technologies and digital business models redefining the energy landscape, has launched with €250m invested capital in its portfolio.

The new fund is the venturing and collaboration platform of the energy company E.ON investing in digital and digitally enabled technologies that have the potential to redefine the future energy landscape – providing funding, mentoring and connections to accelerate their growth trajectory.

The launch of Future Energy Ventures follows the completion of E.ON’s acquisition of innogy and brings together an enviable level of expertise and experience in investing and scaling future energy focused start-ups from across the E.ON and innogy venturing teams to create an industry leading venturing platform.

The fund, which is led by Ines Bergmann-Nolting and Jan Lozek, focuses on digital, scalable and asset-light businesses transforming the energy ecosystem seeking Series A and beyond funding that have shown evidence of a product-market-fit. From its operational hubs in Germany, Israel and Silicon Valley, Future Energy Ventures will look for both investments and scaling opportunities for its portfolio globally and new investment opportunities.

“The entire energy ecosystem is being transformed by technology at an ever-accelerating pace creating significant investment opportunities,” said Jan Lozek, Managing Partner at Future Energy Ventures. “Not only is the traditional energy supply chain moving towards smart generation and storage, but individuals, buildings and entire cities are becoming smarter and more connected, fundamentally redefining the role of energy in society. We are committed to accelerating the energy transformation by investing in and supporting the growth of the innovative businesses and business models that will help create and shape that future.”

The Future Energy Ventures portfolio consists of promising start-ups previously invested in by E.ON  and innogy’s venturing entities, including: Bidgely, Holobuilder, Intertrust, Thermondo and T-Rex. A key element of Future Energy Ventures’ value creation approach is its institutionalised collaboration platform and the cultivation of an ecosystem of highly committed partners to accelerate the growth of its portfolio companies.

“Businesses need more than just money to succeed,” said Ines Bergmann-Nolting, Managing Partner at Future Energy Ventures. “They need collaboration, mentoring and the opportunity to partner with other organisations that can help them achieve scale. We seek to actively create value by bringing together dynamic and innovative start-ups, E.ON and affiliated businesses, and a growing set of partners and to create meaningful impact for mutual financial and strategic benefit. Use-case potential forms a key part of our investment decision-making and we aim to facilitate and support pilots and use case roll-outs within E.ON and across our ecosystem of partners for systematic scaling across the portfolio.”