‘If change doesn’t happen now it, never will’ leaders talk about the future for their cities

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The North of England has had a rapid rise in popularity for large companies looking for an alternative to the capital. We teamed up with Bruntwood SciTech to discuss what our cities should look like in the future, focussing in particular on Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

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The aim of the debate was to talk to business leaders and stakeholders about the role of science and technology in growing the knowledge economies of UK cities, what needs to change, what do we need more of and how business and government can work together to build places that can compete nationally and globally when it comes to innovation.

Who is on the panel?

Tom Renn: Managing Director, Bruntwood SciTech
Christina Colmer McHugh: Founder and Director, Moodbeam
Andy Gore: Co-founder and CEO, Soccer Manager
Andrew Rabbitt: Co-founder and CEO, Incuto
Eve Roodhouse: Chief Officer, Culture and Economy, Leeds City Council

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

Christina Colmer McHugh: Could you tell us more about Moodbeam and what would you say have been the main challenges you have faced? (2:15)
Christina Colmer McHugh: As a business based in Hull, when you hear about the levelling up agenda, do you feel that impact is being made? (4:05)
Andrew Rabbitt: Could you tell us more about Incuto and what would you say have been the main challenges you have faced? (6:27)
Andrew Rabbitt: As a business based in Ilkley – do you feel more can be done to create growth and opportunities in your region or are you satisfied with progress? (8:28)
Andy Gore: You must have a requirement for advanced tech talent – how do you find bringing in the talent you need? (10:57)
Andy Gore: As a business owner, what is one change you would like to see in the region, in regard to the environment your business operates in? (13:43)
Eve Roodhouse: What are the challenges you feel the city is facing, in becoming a first-class innovation hub? And do you feel the city is getting the support it needs to recover from the pandemic? (20:08)
Tom Renn: How are Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds developing their offerings, particularly around tech and innovation to compete nationally and globally?
Tom Renn, Andrew Rabbitt & Christina Colmer McHugh: Often there is lots of focus on start-up space and incubators, but do you feel there is enough space for those on the next rung – and space that is affordable, sustainability-led and modern? (25:48)

Questions from the audience

Eve Roodhouse, Tom Renn, Andy Gore & Andrew Rabbit: What role does leadership play in helping to attract inward investment into cities? (34:59)

• Final word from Andy Gore (47:50)
• Final word from Christina Colmer McHugh (49:03)
• Final word from Andrew Rabbitt (50:05)
• Final word from Eve Roodhouse (51:01)
• Final word from Tom Renn (52:06)

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