Future Planet Backed Oxford Spinout Offers Global Path to End COVID

Covid-19 Vaccine

Future Planet Capital, the global innovation investor, announces that it has made a direct investment into Vaccitech. the clinical-stage biotech company owns rights to the viral vector technology, ChAdOx, which is used in the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine.

Future Planet is confident in the long-term prospects of the company’s platform. Not just for COVID, but also for prophylactic and therapeutic approaches for many other indications in oncology, infectious disease and chronic illness.

Earlier this month, peer-reviewed Phase III data was released for the Oxford/AstraZeneca Vaccine, co-invented Vaccitech. From late December, assuming the full dataset has been analysed and confirmed to meet formal regulatory requirements, AstraZeneca has announced that they believe they will be in a position to provide a vaccine for a quarter of the world’s population.

The results & data have now been independently verified in one of the world’s leading medical journals, The Lancet. This is the first set of COVID-19 vaccine data to undergo scientific peer-review & demonstrates the efficacy & safety of the vaccine. Vaccitech’s recent news demonstrates once again that cutting-edge technology from the world’s top universities has the potential to solve global social, economic and environmental challenges.

Douglas Hansen-Luke, Executive Chairman, FPC “FPC was founded with the vision of financing the brightest minds to profitably address global challenges. Today, as the Oxford vaccine’s results are published and an end to the coronavirus crisis is in sight, Future Planet is one step closer to realising its vision. We’re delighted to welcome Vaccitech to the Future Planet family.”

Bill Enright, CEO , Vaccitech “Future Planet and their practical and ethical policy of impact investing were a welcome investor at an important time for our company. Funding from Future Plant will help us to continue to progress our product candidates through clinical development.”

Ed Phillips, Head of Origination & Deal Lead, FPC “A four-year-old biotech start up demonstrating peer-reviewed efficacy and safety data in a 24,000 person trial published in The Lancet is unheard of. Most companies wait over a decade for results like this. This is a significant validation of Vaccitech’s platform and its potential not only against COVID-19 & MERS, but other global diseases including Hep B, HPV and various Cancers. ChAdOx may represent the superhero of vaccine technologies we’ve been waiting for.”