German supermarket to build its largest UK warehouse

Lidl is to build its largest UK warehouse

German supermarket Lidl is set to open five new London stores and build its largest UK warehouse.

The company has said that the move to create the new warehouse underlines “the scale of the supermarket’s ambitious expansion plans in London.”

In turn, Lidl have stated that 1,000 jobs will be created in Greater London as a result of the expansion.

Director for expansion and development, Ingo Fischer, said: “With five new stores opening in the next two months alone, and further store expansion and development plans in place for the Greater London area across the new financial year and beyond, this new warehouse is vital in supporting our ambitious expansion plans in and around the M25.

“We are committed to the continued investment in our operations and infrastructure to support our growth.”

The new 234,700-square-metre facility will be more than double the size of the chain’s current largest UK warehouse, and the new facility will supply stores in the London area.

The five new London stores will be opened over the course of the next two months, and will be located in Shepherds Bush, Walthamstow Central, South Ruislip, Hornchurch and Rosehill.

Plans for the new warehouse come as part of Lidl UK’s £1.45 billion investment in the UK.