Getty Images launches Google Trends style tool that provides real-time data on more than 2.5 billion annual search and download queries

Getty Images, a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, recently launched VisualGPS Insights, a new interactive tool designed to help businesses develop content strategies backed up with data and visual guidance.

For the first time, users can view and analyse over 2.5 billion annual searches and download queries from Getty Images, as well as from iStock, its e-commerce platform focused on SMBs, SMEs and creatives.

“From speaking with businesses and agencies of all sizes, we realized how many of them were scared to get it wrong with their visual content,” comments Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images and iStock. “Whether brands are looking to diversify their image choices or finding insights that magnify their marketing results, this tool will help businesses of all sizes make more informed decisions on their visual strategy.”

For Getty Images and iStock customers, VisualGPS Insights is a reference point for what imagery and topics over 750,000 brands around the world are using to communicate with their audiences. This not only allows for businesses of all sizes to confidently make creative decisions that impact their audiences, but it also enables small businesses and freelancers to choose relevant and inspiring visual concepts that resonate regionally to justify budget spending decisions.

“VisualGPS Insights goes beyond predicting visual trends. It allows our customers to access proprietary data at their fingertips that fuels insights that are most relevant to them, their brand, and their audience,” adds Candace Marks, Senior Director, Product Management at Getty Images and iStock. “This tool can be used to assist our customers through the creative process, inject innovative ideas and defend their strategies to final decision-makers.”

To help customers understand relative interest in a single term and/or comparison of two terms, the tool will show:

  • Interest over time which charts interest in term/s over a specific period via a line graph
  • Regional interest which compares relative interest in term/s around the world via a global heat map
  • Industry interest which indicates the level of interest in term/s across 15 industry verticals via a bar chart
  • Most popular visuals (illustrations, video, stills) downloaded on or that update with global, regional, time, and industry selections

“We’ve worked closely with our friends at Getty Images over the last year to develop data-backed, actionable guidance through our DE&I Imagery toolkits, driven by valuable insights from their global VisualGPS research,” says Nikki Darden, Head of Internal Brand Engagement and Global Integration, Citi.

“These insights have given our colleagues around the world the confidence to make inclusive and authentic visual choices in their creative assets. VisualGPS Insights will continue to build on the rich insights of the legacy research, making it that much easier for our teams to validate visual choices across our creative strategies and continue to create broader impact through authentic representation in imagery we use.”