Gong cha England to expand UK-based operations into Newcastle

Gong cha England, the UK-based operator for the Gong cha brand, has selected Newcastle as its third city to open in as part of its launch strategy in England.

The city’s 42,000 student population and vibrant young professionals’ sector were the appeal to the Kaohsiung City-originating brand. It is the most recognised bubble tea brand globally with more than 1,400 outlets across 19 different territories as far reaching as Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, and the USA.

Gong cha uses only the highest-quality, premium tea sourced from the finest tea estates of the famous Alishan region in Taiwan. Over 40 variations of tea drinks are available and are made individually to respond to customers’ requirements on sugar content, flavours, and toppings.

Justin Liew, Head of Gong cha England, said: “We have selected Haymarket for our next store as we are confident the people of Newcastle, who are keen to learn about new trends, will help us build the brand. The bubble tea trend has gripped Asia, Oceania and the US, where it is considered a Taiwanese speciality and now we are excited to introduce it to the city where we are confident the produce range will be very well received.”