Good health is good for business according to employee benefits specialists

JE Sellars have looked into health and wellbeing in the workplace

Over 130 million days are lost due lost to sickness absence every year, which is seriously impacting on UK workforces every day.

The latest absence rates indicate that this is equivalent to 6.5 days per employee per annum with the average median cost of workplace absence per employee, per year at £554.

NHS waiting times can adversely impact the length of time an employee is off work. With waiting times now at their highest level since 2008, employers are facing extended periods of absence from employees waiting for NHS diagnosis or treatment.

As a result, employers are recognising that investing in workplace health and wellbeing can provide tangible business benefits in looking after their most important asset, their staff. These include lower absence rates, higher productivity and better employee wellbeing.

J Edward Sellars, a leading employee benefits specialist, appreciate the need for cost effective solutions and have joined forces with Westfield Health, one of the UK’s leading providers of health and wellbeing solutions.

Their specialist team offer advice on all health-related insurances and have been broking employee benefits solutions to companies across the UK since 1975.

Westfield Health provide customers with access to an impressive range of benefits, which is why so many key decision makers trust their products to work harder for their employees. They lead the corporate paid health cash plan arena with a market share of over 30%, equating to over 8000 corporate clients.

The experts at J Edward Sellars will work alongside Westfield Health to help find the best Health Cash Plan suited to various needs and budget.

Marc Childs, head of employee benefits said: “Cash plans in general offer a highly-perceived benefit to staff members.  They are designed to help the overall health and wellbeing of the workforce, providing cash amounts for everyday healthcare such as routine dental to essential scans such as MRI/PET/CT, allowing for early diagnosis of potential medical issues.

“The cash plan itself is a relatively low cost product but despite this, the benefits of early diagnosis and everyday healthcare combine to ensure that staff are better protected. This has a knock-on effect to the business itself with reduced staff absence times and increased staff morale due to the duty of care being shown by the employer.

“The cash plan can also be combined with Westfield’s hospital treatment insurance. This extends the cover ensuring Employees receive prompt access to private treatment for non-urgent surgical and medical procedures such as knee and hernia operations.”