Google-backed AI firm raises £1.5m in seed funding

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askporter, a London-based AI-focused property management software start-up is launching a digital assistant to solve many of the monotonous tasks that are required in all property management.

Following on from Google’s investment, a further £1.5m seed round has been raised from strategic investors and Silicon Valley VCs including Plug and Play, Venture University, Pi Labs, WISAG FM and Henley Investments.

askporter is an all-in-one, digital platform that harnesses AI to simplify the process of property management. The digital assistant, ‘Porter’, can be accessed 24/7, and supports the property managing team carry out daily tasks, from arranging viewings and inspections to resolving issues and chasing rental arrears. Porter helps cut costs and reduces the time spent on tedious tasks, all the while providing first-class support to occupants.

Following the seed round, askporter’s CEO, Tom Shrive said: “Our success raising £1.5m investment reflects wider changes sweeping the property industry. Looking to the future, well-run properties will largely be managed by an AI assistant that has all the context of an actual manager and complete data transparency, freeing them up to focus on delivering value-added, human-touch experience to occupants”

“askporter’s technology already reduces the time spent managing a maintenance task from an average of 45 minutes to only three minutes. Over the next six to 12 months, we will emulate these savings across the entire property management spectrum.’

Justin Meissel, Chief Investment Officer of Henley Investments, said: “The property management sector is inefficient and ripe for disruption. Even the best managers are saddled with repetitive tasks that can be driven by an AI solution. askporter has assembled a top tier team, and their initial traction with key management companies is evidence that their innovative tech is transformative. Our Henley Ventures business is pleased to be investing alongside Google and other top venture investors in backing askporter to continue its growth.”

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