Got an idea for disrupting your industry? Why wait?

Andy Rogers

Andy Rogers

Andy Rogers, Co-CEO of software development organisation, Amdaris, discusses how software projects can disrupt an industry

Virtually every business leader I know has an idea for using technology to disrupt their industry. Some executives carry ideas around in their heads for years at a time. These bold visions get stuck when companies lack the in-house resources to implement them, and that can be an extremely frustrating experience.

One of the joys of my work with Amdaris is having the chance to end that frustration. People come to us with ideas for software, sometimes with ideas they are not even sure are possible. It is a real thrill to be able to say, “What a great idea! We can do that.”

I was recently involved in building disruptive software in two completely different industries: sheet music publication and employee performance reviews. In both cases clients had bold ideas and had secured the necessary funding, but lacked the resources to implement them internally. Both times we got to change an industry simply by saying, “Yes, let’s do it.”

nkoda – a single digital access point for sheet music

nkoda’s founders had a plan for an application which would revolutionise the way musicians around the world learn, create, collaborate and share music.

The app design needed to provide users with sheet music on subscription, plus allow users to annotate and share scores. The application required a scalable architecture to allow the nkoda library to grow, and to maximise the system’s utility it needed to work seamlessly across multiple mobile devices and platforms.

We are not experts in musical composition at Amdaris, but we knew how to make nkoda’s idea a reality. We assembled a team who got to work straight away. As the project grew in size, we expanded the team to meet the need, and the final product was delivered on-time and on-budget.

Today the nkoda app is providing professors, students, musicians and orchestras with a single portal for learning, creating and sharing music. This is already changing the model for sheet music publication, but more importantly, musicians can now interact collaboratively with musical scores in ways that simply did not exist before.

NorthStar – data driven employee appraisals

NorthStar, the ground-breaking business performance and analytics platform, wanted to produce a more encompassing and accurate means of assessing performance. This would enhance businesses’ planning and prediction abilities, and help them meet long-term goals.

The challenges for implementing such an idea were enormous, but NorthStar’s dream of a more data-driven approach to human resources fascinated us. We worked together to create a ground-breaking new system which will transform the way the world conducts employee appraisals.

NorthStar uses complex algorithms and visual reporting to optimise company performance. Their system collects data as people work, so what once took hours to track and measure is now completed with the press of a button. Building on this knowledge and product base, the next task was to create an innovative new appraisal platform. It needed to be able to provide unique insights, but also integrate into existing CRM systems.

By immersing ourselves in what NorthStar were working towards, we could take their vision, and create something exceptional. We initially started with a small team, scaling to a larger unit as and when necessary, drawing on specific areas of expertise. The team listened carefully to NorthStar’s vision and challenged them when necessary to ensure a more optimised result.

The platform has been a huge success. NorthStar’s clients love being closer to their data than ever before. NorthStar regularly receive positive feedback about how well the platform works. Some clients have asked for customisation of the platform to suit their company’s own individual circumstances – something we have been happy to help NorthStar with on several occasions.

In 2017 the NorthStar platform was named Best Recruitment Technology in 2017 by Recruitment International, and was shortlisted for several other prestigious awards.

Who has the next amazing idea?

Helping to transform employee evaluations has been an exciting challenge for Amdaris. Likewise, disrupting the world of sheet music publication was exhilarating (and totally unexpected) opportunity.

Even more exciting is the certainty that there are dozens of other equally transformative ideas in the minds of the people reading this article.

What is your idea for disrupting your industry?

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