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Gozney announces UK revenue growth of more than 200%

Tom Gozney, Founder of Gozney

Gozney, the award-winning outdoor brand from Dorset, has announced that its UK revenue has grown by 217% over the past year.

Founded on the Dorset coast in 2010, Gozney’s mission has always been to change the way the world cooks outdoors with their award-winning pizza oven range favoured by chefs, street pizzaiolos and home cooks the world over.

Honing their craft in the commercial space, 2016 saw the brand launch the world’s first at-home stone-floored portable pizza oven, the Roccbox. 2021 then saw the launch of Gozney’s next-generation pizza oven, the Dome. Both Roccbox and Dome are some of the best-reviewed ovens on the market amongst consumers.

Founded with purpose

At the heart of the company is Founder Tom Gozney, who began the brand when he was just 21. After spending time in a rehab recovering from drug and alcohol dependencies, Tom was looking for a healthy way to reconnect with friends and family.

Channelling his passions for both engineering and food, Tom built a pizza oven by hand in his garden and discovered his love for live-fire cooking and outdoor dining. Gozney was born. For years, Tom honed his craft building commercial pizza ovens for some of the country’s best chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver before launching his first at-home oven.

Having recently appointed a US-based CEO, Denny Bruce, to manage the expansion into retail in four key markets, Tom has turned his focus to design and innovation with Gozney’s new product pipeline – having recently launched the new, limited edition Brad Leone Roccbox.

The future is looking bright

Continuing to experience exponential growth following a successful summer period, Gozney saw a +535% increase in Europe sales demand (April 2023 – Aug 2023) and a 54% increase in European door count (April 2023 – August 2023). Comparing Year-on-Year data, Gozney saw UK revenue increase by 217% (August 2022 – August 2023).

Website traffic also rose by 89% (April 2023 – August 2023), showcasing the consumer trend of people gearing up to level up their outdoor cooking portfolio. This was confirmed by a 305% increase in revenue over the same period, highlighting a high conversion rate from awareness of the product to purchase.

The award-winning brand has also experienced exponential growth within the team, growing from 74 employees worldwide at the start of 2023 to currently having 108. As a result, the UK team is relocating later this year to a bigger office space in the heart of Bournemouth to account for this expansion.