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Grade II-listed hotel in Dorset is sold

Royal Breakwater Hotel

Royal Breakwater Hotel in Portland has been sold

A Victorian, grade II-listed hotel in Dorset has been sold by Christie & Co on behalf of Rob Smail, who acquired the property in 1996.

The Royal Breakwater Hotel, situated near Portland harbour, has 19 bedrooms and is now owned by Mark Dolan who plans to improve the venue.

Stephen Champion, senior business agent at Christie & Co’s Exeter office, said: “We are delighted to have facilitated this sale on behalf of Rob Smail.

“The Jurassic coast is a sought after location for hotel operators due to the busy tourist industry, as well as the many commercial guests drawn in by the areas maritime industries.

“We have no doubt Mark Donlan with his years of business experience as well as maritime background will have every success building upon the business created by our client.”

Christie Finance brokered the funding for the deal.