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Smart packaging is a type of packaging that offers functionality beyond its original and fundamental significance – to protect, contain, and even preserve the products. Generally, this kind of packaging is divided into two main categories, and these are the following:

  1. Intelligent packaging – This kind of packaging is capable of some intelligent functions, considering a specific sort of product of its packaging has transformed in some other ways. 
  2. Active packaging – This is a type of packaging wherein there’s an improvement to the product by just having a smart package. For instance, any food packaging that is made of materials that reduce the volume of moisture reaches the food. 

Smart packaging allows you to trace and track the product throughout the life cycle. This also helps you to control and analyze its environment outside and inside its package. With this, the manufacturer, consumer, or any retailer may know the condition of the products anytime. 

Connected Type of Packaging

Connected packaging is a subcategory of intelligent packaging that integrates the QR codes or NFC tags to help you do the specific function. There’s a platform for the specific types and brands to leverage the connectivity and directly introduce the digital experiences to consumers. And since these kinds of experiences are said to be contextual, the NFC tag entrenched in the customized packaging may serve unusual experiences based on the lifecycle of the product. 

Prior to buying, these kinds of experiences may possibly convey the information about the product for those potential buyers inside the store, reassure the buyers by just confirming a specific type of product was not yet opened or tampered before it was bought by the consumers, and verify the product about its authenticity by undergoing authentication services. 

Then, once done with buying the product, they may also do the following:

  • Give some additional pieces of information exclusively to the buyers pertaining to the product
  • Offer further instructions to the buyers
  • Offer some sorts of incentives for the product registration just to open communication channel with the consumers
  • Incentivize the registration of the products

Smart Packaging – Learn Its Best Examples

For you to know more about smart packaging and its great examples, it is advisable to learn them by focusing on the succeeding discussions. This article will also provide you some notions pertaining to the best types of examples about packaging.

Utilize Near Field Communications (NFC) to Have a Tamper Detection

Diageo Company installed NFC chips to detect if the bottle is being tampered with before the purchase. This allows everyone in the chain of supply to double-check the product’s authenticity, which brings transparency to the public by specifying if some counterfeiters hinder the chain. Those consumers who will buy the product can have a guarantee that they can purchase high-quality or authentic products and not fake ones.

Provide Contextual Content

There are some companies that are using some contextual capacities of Near Field Communications (NFC) just to have a better engagement with consumers. Once consumers tapped the enabled NFC bottle in-store, their cellular phone has a display on experience that suggests either an indoor type of venue or rooftop bar nearby. 

Have a Direct Engagement to Consumers with NFC and to the Regulated Industries

The Vice president of the marketing department for Davos Brands, Joen Choe, owns the Astral tequila. And he then explains why smart packaging was said to be essential to the industry. After the first tap on the consumers, the NFC tag was installed in the Astral Tequila and activated the video from a man known as “Most Fascinating Man in the Whole World”, who is praising tequila. Furthermore, when a similar taker was selected again within 2 days, another new experience was thanking them for the purchase. 

Other types of regulated brands may utilize NFC to have a direct engagement to the consumers in the same approaches. 

Convert Beauty and Some Other Consumer Packaged Goods and Products into Smart Products

Suppose there’s an incorporation of Near Field Communication tags into the beauty products. In that case, these can empower brands to properly deliver some pieces of advice, tips and has the chance to engage the consumers directly. The tags of NFC can also provide additional value to other CPGs utilizing a similar concept. 

Assimilate Interactive Type of Gaming

Putting some NFC tags to the limited-edition cereal boxes, Super Mario can encourage the users to reach out the controller of the Nintendo Switch to an NFC chip. The NFC tap of Nintendo unlocked a special content in the Super Mario game. 

Send Quick Response Code and NFC Through U.S. Mail

The postal service of the United States highly encourages the utilization of Quick Response Code and NFC tags in mailings through different ways, which also include a campaign for irresistible mail. One of the featured cases that correlate on this matter is that tapping a mailer from the musician activates a video on a live concert through the user’s phone, which provides them with downloadable code in the album. 

According to the article of Cornell University, a direct mail attains a 4.4% rate in terms of its responses, as contrasted to the 0.12% rate of responses through email. Furthermore, it also reported that there’s an average Return of Investments for the campaigns on the direct mail for about 18-20%

With the use of QR codes and NFC tags to the direct mail, you can also encourage consumers to perform your specified action, which drives it towards a higher number. The Postal Service of the United States also suggests using NFC tags on the shipping boxes because of the following reasons:

  • This allows the consumers to confirm the authenticity of the product upon its delivery. Thus, the recipients can put their enabled-NFC mobile device alongside the parcel. Then, the tag will open a site on your device, and that’s the time that they will do the product registration. 
  • If the NFC tags are placed along with the box opening, these will draw attention to a technology and notify the recipients just if there are some other persons who tried to open the package. 

With these discussions above, you have learned and understood how different kinds of smart packaging. Thus, this would help everyone to receive and have the products in a proper condition.

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