Gregg Latchams ‘Scale Up & Sell’ event a roaring success

Gregg Latchams event

Bristol law firm Gregg Latchams Limited hosted a ‘Scale Up & Sell’ event on Wednesday 27 June where local business owners explored some of the key questions around scaling up a business and maximising value.

Gregg Latchams Limited specialise in providing personalised legal services for SMEs, private individuals and business owners.

The event was held in association with BCMS, a market-leading mergers and acquisitions company specialising in advising shareholders of privately owned companies looking to sell all or part of their business.

Held at Bristol Aerospace, with the magnificent backdrop of Concorde, the event took the format of a discussion forum between four expert panellists who shared their knowledge and experience around scaling up business and maximising shareholder value.

The discussion was led by a panel of four experts including Paul Hardman, Director of Corporate & Commercial, Gregg Latchams Limited; Mike Bailey, Former MD, Didsbury Engineering; Chris Steel, Non-Exec Chairman, AVPE, Non-Exec Director, West of England Aerospace Forum; and Jonathan Dunn, Managing Director, BCMS Europe.

The expert panellists shared their key insights, guidance and first-hand experiences around the importance of scale in valuing and selling companies and setting and executing a scale up strategy. The panellists also explored the difference between merges and takeovers, how to use shares as a consideration for M&A as well as the first steps to consider when scaling up.

Over the course of the Q&A, the panel discussed a diverse and interesting set of topics from issues surrounding tax to when is it appropriate to tell your employees that you are looking to sell.

Commenting on the event, Paul said: “’Scale Up & Sell’ gave attendees the opportunity to learn from each other and explore some of the key considerations and best practices to keep front of mind for SME’s thinking about scaling up their business.

“Overall the event was a huge success, connecting local experts with business leaders and employees in the unique and spectacle South West setting of Bristol Aerospace.”