‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign officially launched

Somerset Community Foundation

Somerset Community Foundation

The Somerset Community Foundation, in partnership with Localgiving.com, has announced the launch of its new campaign, ‘Grow Your Tenner’.

The campaign matches any donations made through the site, meaning a £10 donation increases significantly to over £21.

Designed to make important donations go even further, the ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign, with the support of Gift Aid, will boost all donations by up to 120 per cent.

A one-off donation to a chosen group could attract a further £10 and anyone signing up to make a regular donation will attract an additional £30.

Donations of every size make a real difference to small, local charities. For example, a donation of £10 – amounting to over £21 during the campaign –  will pay for two outings for a disabled child, four help-line calls for people affected by eating disorders, or ten keep-fit classes for an elderly person in Somerset.

The Somerset Community Foundation works hard to promote vibrant, inclusive communities in Somerset, through local giving and enabling voluntary groups to combat disadvantage and isolation. Since 2002, the organisation has strengthened local communities within Somerset and is part of the national group of Community Foundations, which support over 90 per cent of the UK’s population.

ESCAPE Support Group, a parent run organisation, which generates activities and days out to members, providing support to families of children with medical conditions within Somerset, benefitted significantly earlier in the year during a similar campaign led by the Somerset Community Foundation – the March Match Fund. The group held a family fun run and encouraged supporters to donate through Local Giving, and – thanks to the match funding programme and Gift Aid – raised an impressive £5,000.

Cathy Mercer, Charity Co-ordinator at ESCAPE, commented, “The whole campaign was very successful for us and the money received was incredibly touching – especially considering the economic environment. Money is very tight for many charities and the matched funding means this is an opportunity not to be missed. Our experience allowed us to run free activities for families and support them when other people turned their backs on them. I cannot recommend taking part more highly and the extremely positive effect it has on local causes.”

Justin Sargent, Chief Executive of The Somerset Community Foundation, says, “We are really excited about this campaign. It is such a great opportunity to fulfil the promise to a charity and it will be even more gratefully received, with further funding from the Government and Gift Aid, through the Local Giving website.

“Similar campaigns have proved a great success and I have no doubt we will exceed previous targets and make a huge difference to the local communities in Somerset. The ‘Grow Your Tenner’ campaign is the public’s chance to make a difference and help a worthy cause.”

The Somerset Community Foundation provides a straightforward way for local donors to make a lasting difference to their local community, making local giving easier and more effective. Anyone wishing to make a donation should visit: www.localgiving.com.