Half of Brits planning holiday abroad in 2022 with £40 billion set to be spent

2022 is set to be a bumper year for travel, as half of Brits are eagerly reaching for their passports and already planning a trip abroad next year, according to new research from American Express.

The main reason booking their travel in advance was that they miss travelling internationally (32%), while 21% of Brits are celebrating occasions they weren’t able to because of the pandemic. 16% are doing so because they want to take advantage of airline and accommodation offers.

For those Brits taking a more cautious approach and putting off booking for now, the main reason given is to wait and see how the pandemic progresses (55%), while a third (33%) are waiting for restrictions to ease, and 30% feel it is too far away to book.

The research also revealed that nearly a quarter (24%) of those surveyed have not left the UK at all during the pandemic.


June and July are the months people have their heart set on going abroad next year (19% and 18% respectively). Spain tops the destination list with a fifth (21%) planning a trip there, followed by Greece (14%), France (13%) and Italy (13%). Some have set their sights further afield, with 6% looking to go to the Caribbean and 4% wanting to head to China.

Destination % of Brits planning a trip there
Spain 21%
Greece 14%
France 13%
Italy 13%
USA 9%
Portugal 7%
Caribbean 6%
Australia 5%
China 4%

Sun, sea & spend

Respondents are expecting their holiday to on average set them back £1,567, with a fifth (21%) planning to spend £2,000 or more. Over a quarter (27%) are planning to spend more this year than on their holiday last year. Half of those (48%) say they are spending more because they have missed travelling abroad, while 29% want to treat themselves. In total £41.2 billion is planned to be spent on international trips next year.

Looking closer to home?

For those planning a holiday in the UK, a third (34%) say this is because they are more comfortable having a holiday in the UK given the pandemic, while the same proportion enjoyed a holiday in the UK in 2021 and would like to again. Cornwall (11%) and Wales (10%) are toping the UK destination list for holidays next year, but a quarter (25%) are undecided.