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Half of UK employees feel their current work perks leave a lot to be desired


Employee satisfaction levels regarding ‘work perks’ leaves a lot to be desired, according to a recent study, with nearly half (44%) of UK employees stating their current workplace benefits aren’t a good fit for their lifestyle and needs.

This was especially true for female workers, with more than double the number of women (12%) claiming the perks offered by their employer are poor than men (5%).

With work-life balance at the forefront of the minds of many following the pandemic, the new survey by online printing specialists, instantprint, has revealed UK employees are valuing flexible working more than ever.

Flexible working hours are now the most desirable work benefit for UK employees, according to the poll, with almost half (45%) of those surveyed stating this benefit is or would be valuable to them.

As debates surrounding the return to the office in varying capacities continue across many UK businesses, the option of having a flexible working location is also highly appreciated, with almost a third (32%) voting this to be a valuable work perk.

Despite this, the data did highlight that not all UK workers are currently being offered this by their employer, with just a quarter (25%) of those surveyed being able to take advantage of this workplace benefit.

Health-related company benefits have also gained importance, with the most valued being dental care (43%) optical care (31%) and mental health counselling (18%).

Comparatively, social events at work have seemingly lost the appeal, as just 12% employees value company socials now. A mere one in ten say they appreciate paid-for pub trips with colleagues as a work perk option.

In some areas of the country, it appears there’s still a big disconnect between what employees want in regard to benefits in the workplace vs. what employers are actually offering.

In Edinburgh, for example, more than a third (41%) of employees were found to crave flexible working hours, yet just 14% have access to this perk. Similarly, a third (35%) of Londoners covet a flexible working location, but just a quarter of those surveyed (26%) are currently being offered the opportunity to do so.

Head of instantprint Laura Mucklow commented on the survey findings:  “It’s undeniable the pandemic has fundamentally changed our way of working, but it’s sad to see that a lot of UK employees are being left somewhat disgruntled by their current benefits packages.

“Our survey has shown there has been an evident shift in attitudes towards workplace benefits post-lockdown, with employees prioritising flexible working options and healthcare benefits over company socials and pub trips.

“This change may mean the same benefits that were offered pre-pandemic might not be as valuable and useful to employees now, and so employers may need to shake things up a little in order to ensure they’re offering the right kind of work perks, which is key for worker retention, as well as to attract the best talent in a competitive landscape.”