Have the post-lockdown workplace rules been revealed?

Businesses across the UK are still waiting to be told whether personal protective equipment (PPE) will be required for workers who are unable to maintain a two-metre distance when they return to the workplace, among other assurances.

A set of draft government guidelines for safe working was circulated to hundreds of companies, unions and business groups over the weekend, setting out the requirements for various workplaces.

The guidelines are part of a staged process to ease the coronavirus lockdown measures in order to kickstart the UK economy.

As part of the guidelines, employees must maintain the social distance of two metres, with office space defined with tape on floors and desks. There should also be restrictions on access to lifts.

In circumstances where maintaining a two-metre gap is not possible, the guidelines state that the use of PPE should be considered, as well as the implementation of extra cleaning measures.

Also, in order to reduce overcrowding in offices, employees who work shifts would be staggered.