Heat Recruitment continues to offer remote working as businesses adapt to the ‘next normal’

Steve Preston, Heat Recruitment.

Steve Preston, Heat Recruitment.

Heat Recruitment is announcing their continued remote working for staff even after lockdown.

The last year has seen some drastic changes, and for Heat Recruitment, company culture is of great importance and something the business has had to learn to adapt to more flexible working conditions, while keeping the workplace culture intact. Because of the successes throughout the uncertain year, coupled with investment and implementation of new technology, Heat Recruitment is set to continue to offer remote working to its staff.

Steve Preston, MD at Heat Recruitment, said: “Over the past 12 months doing business has changed immensely, especially in the area of remote working and flexible working. At Heat Recruitment, we put in place a Work from Home Policy, to adapt to the pandemic and ensure that we could continue to supply the high level of service that our customers expect.

“A year on and having listened to the feedback of our staff, we know that this WFH program has been a success and it is something that people want as a standard benefit within the business and modern world. With this in mind, we have gone one step further and created Heat’s very own Work From Anywhere Policy, allowing people to have a control over their lives, work in a manner they prefer whilst still having a team environment, an office structure should they choose and retaining a well-valued high-performance culture.

“At times it is scary to get out of the comfort zone, however, it is equally very exhilarating to do so, especially when it works even better than expected. We are in a new era of the way we work, and we are happy to embrace it.”