Heliguy awarded a contract with Network Rail worth up to £2.6m


DJI’s Authorised Reseller and partner Heliguy has been awarded a major nationwide contract with Network Rail. The contract comes as part of an Unmanned Aircraft Services framework worth up to £2.6m.

The North East-based UAV specialist has been selected to supply, maintain, repair and service Network Rail’s fleet of DJI drones, as well as to deliver expert training to the company’s in-house pilots.

The three-year contract, which can be extended to five years, will help Network Rail use drones to inspect and maintain an estimated 20,000 miles of track and 40,000 bridges and tunnels along its nationwide rail network.

“Carrying out inspections by air means the railway can be kept open and people kept safe – trains can continue to run which improves performance and reliability, and as engineers aren’t being sent onto tracks, it also improves safety,” said Ruairi Hardman, Heliguy’s Business Development Manager.

The Network Rail Unmanned Aircraft Services framework contract will focus on structures and bridge surveys, embankment checks, overhead line equipment inspections and post-incident condition examinations.

The contract is part of Network Rail’s commitment to embracing drones within its day-to-day business operations. The adoption of the DJI drone technology, which includes the DJI Matrice 200 Series V2 and Phantom 4 RTK mapping drone, is proving to be a cost-effective solution, improving safety and enhancing efficiency making Britain’s railways more reliable.

Heliguy is a National Qualified Entity under the framework of the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, and its specialist team will deliver CAA accredited drone-pilot training for Network Rail’s pilots.

Sunny Liao, Director of Enterprise at DJI, said: “This contract award with Network Rail is the largest of its type in the UK, and this win is a great signal for DJI, its partner Heliguy in the UK and the enterprise drone industry across Europe. The hard work of our partner Heliguy has paid off thanks to their professionalism and the reliability of the offer proposed in terms of hardware and software powered by DJI technologies and serviced by Heliguy.”