Helping Employees Manage Their Health At Work

In this guest article, the Director of Tudor Lodge, David Soffer outlines various techniques for business leaders to help their employees manage their health at work.

As a leader in your workforce, it is important to make sure that your employees manage both their physical and mental health properly.

Having employees that are comfortable and healthy means that they are productive, efficient and also happy to work for your company. Thus, having occupational health and wellbeing policies set up within any company, be it large or small, is always an important consideration and something to establish early on in a company’s life.

The past few years have highlighted how important it is to keep a check on your employee’s mental and physical health. Managing employee stress effectively can help boost productivity across the whole company and make your working environment more positive.

Here are some of the best ways that you can help your employees manage their health in 2022.

Educate Employees

An important aspect of helping your employees manage their health is by educating your employees on how to keep themselves healthier.

Whether that be physical or mental health, teaching your employees about the importance of staying healthy and how this can affect their mood and productivity can help show employees why self-care is just so vital to their working life.

You can bring professional companies into the office to speak to your employees and show them the best ways that they can take care of themselves and why they should care about it.

Make Services Available

It is also important that your employees are aware that helpful services are available to them; whether this be counselling services, gym memberships or anything else that can improve their health. This is important whether your company is a retail outlet, a secured loan company or even a gym or fitness facility. Regardless of what a company does, employees and stakeholders should have access to the necessary provisions to look after their health, both physical and mental.

Giving your employees benefits including free and paid for services that help their physical and mental health will vastly improve their mood and make them better and more productive workers.

Unhealthy and unhappy workers are easily distracted and do not work productively or efficiently; instead, providing useful services that will truly help them and letting them know that it is ok to use these services will help your employees manage their health.

Create A Positive Work Environment

Cultivating an authentic and caring workplace can especially help your employees manage their mental health.

Encouraging consistent breaks and allowing employees to have leave when they want to, avoiding scheduling meetings too late at night and making sure your employees know that you are appreciative of them are just some ways to create a positive and healthy work environment.

Encourage Breaks

It is vital that employees have constant and lengthy breaks during the workday. Employees must spend some time outside in nature, getting some fresh air so that they can feel rejuvenated and ready to go back to work.

Making sure that your employees take breaks throughout the day is a great way to help them manage their health.

Promote Healthy Habits

There are many things that you as an employer can promote to your employee to make sure that they have both physically and mentally healthy habits.

Employers should promote good sleep within their workforce, encouraging employees to have a work-life balance and be with their family when they are not working.

As well as this, there are healthy habits that one can promote from within the office, such as making sure that your employees do not spend all their day and time sitting at their desk.

They should also make sure that employees, especially in this day and age, wash their hands regularly and clean up after themselves in communal areas.

Telling employees to avoid having sugar slumps after lunch can promote a healthy diet and allows employees to manage their physical health as well.