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Henry Dimbleby MBE at Home Grown: Cooking up business success

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Creating culinary magic

The latest instalment in Home Grown’s Rockstar Series brought forth Henry Richard Melville Dimbleby MBE, a renowned British businessman and cookery writer. As the Co-Founder of Leon Restaurants and the Sustainable Restaurant Association, Henry has left an indelible mark on the culinary world and sustainability efforts. He graced Home Grown’s stage in conversation with Alan Smith, Founder and CEO of Capital Partners, in an event that illuminated the journey of a true business rockstar.

Henry Dimbleby’s entrepreneurial journey began with an unconventional start – renting out magazines. His love for initiating ventures was evident from the beginning, setting him apart from those solely focused on global problem-solving through business. His diverse career path traversed physics, philosophy, cooking, journalism, and management consulting before he found his true passion in food.

During the conversation, Henry emphasised the pivotal role of having a co-founder, acknowledging the challenges and advantages that arise from such a partnership. He and his Co-Founder, John, complemented each other’s skills harmoniously.

Branding emerged as a core theme in Henry’s discourse. He delved into the art of creating a distinct brand identity for Leon, a fast-food business, while preserving some familiarity with the fast-food concept. Striking this balance was crucial for attracting and retaining customers. The evolution of Leon’s branding, from handwritten chalkboards to sophisticated food photography, demonstrated the brand’s commitment to growth and innovation.

    One fascinating aspect of Leon’s journey was the origin of its name. Henry Dimbleby recounted how a friend initially disliked the name and predicted failure. However, Henry and John intentionally chose a non-propositional name that allowed customers to build a complex, emotional relationship over time. They brainstormed various options, but they eventually settled on “Leon,” which carried visual appeal and a warm, Mediterranean feel. This inclusive name could resonate with various cultures and religions, making it unique.

    The name “Leon” even underwent a playful transformation to “Noel” during the Christmas menu, adding a touch of humour to the brand and endearing it to customers.

    The recipe for success

    Henry Dimbleby’s wisdom extended beyond the Leon brand. He shared valuable insights for entrepreneurs:

    Equity management

    Caution and strategy are vital when distributing equity in your business during fundraising or sales negotiations. It can profoundly impact your business’s long-term value.

    Focus on product quality

    Consistently delivering a superior product is a key driver of success and growth in a consumer-focused business.

    Continuous learning

    Consider hiring a coach to navigate challenges, improve leadership skills, and grow as an entrepreneur.

    Passion and purpose

    Staying true to your passion and original purpose can help maintain a strong sense of mission as your business expands.

    Balancing commercial incentives

    Finding the right balance between commercial incentives and core values is essential for long-term success and impact.


    Pragmatism and adaptability are crucial in making business decisions that allow your product or service to reach a broader audience.

    Spread your message

    If you have a cause or message, consider avenues like writing a book or advocacy to amplify your impact.

    As we bid adieu to this inspiring evening with Henry Dimbleby, we’re excited to announce the next Rockstar on the Road event. Following Home Grown’s recent gathering in Manchester with Green & Black’s Founder, Jo Fairley, they will next be heading to Bristol on Thursday, 26th October. Stay tuned for another captivating conversation that promises to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. Home Grown is dedicated to nurturing your business growth, one rockstar conversation at a time. See you in Bristol.

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