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Historic manufacturer launches revolutionary graphene aerosol

Chemicals manufacturer James Briggs Ltd (JBL) is launching a first-to-market anti-corrosion aerosol Primer utilising wonder material graphene.

The Manchester-based company is set to transform the automotive aerosol Primer market when the revolutionary Graphene Anti-Corrosion Primer – part of its Hycote range – hits shelves next month.

Developed in conjunction with graphene technology firm Applied Graphene Materials, the spray signals a significant milestone in the commercial use of the substance, which was originally discovered by scientists at the University of Manchester.

The new product has been specifically formulated to offer excellent resistance to corrosion, with tests demonstrating an impressive up to 10 fold increase in corrosion protection when compared to a standard primer.

Jim Miller, Commercial Director at James Briggs Ltd, said: “This is an incredibly exciting launch for us that has the real potential to revolutionise the aerosol primer market. We’ve known for some time that graphene is a real ‘wonder material’, but its ability to add such powerful anti-corrosion properties to an aerosol Primer has not been thoroughly explored until now.

“We have carried out an intensive programme of testing to ensure that we are bringing a significantly improved level of protection against corrosion and, importantly, that we are not compromising on quality or the product’s other key attributes.

“Our development included aggressive testing regimes such as industry standard salt spray testing over many hours and we’re extremely proud of the massive difference in durability when compared to standard products.”

Founded in Manchester in 1830 at the height of the industrial revolution, JBL has built a reputation as a service-led, industrial aerosol manufacturer, specialising in the supply of paints and lubricants for retail, consumer and trade markets.

Based across two sites in Royton and Chadderton, it distributes 60 million aerosols of high performance product every year, counting household name brand WD-40 as one of its major customers.

The company will roll out its first run of Hycote Graphene Anti-Corrosion Primer at retailers such as Tetrosyl Express, with plans now underway to develop the product into both Private Label ranges and the next phase of new products.

Jim added: “We’re extremely proud to be able to bring forward this first-to-market product, created in the city where graphene was first discovered, and we are now looking for the next step-change in the performance of our other products that graphene can bring.”