Home management platform Livlet announces partnership with Hiscox

Livlet, the home management platform, announces its partnership with Hiscox, offering a 10% discount on Hiscox Home Insurance premiums for all customers using the platform.

The platform offers homeowners the ability to centralise home management documents, invoices and details all in one place, allowing users to keep track of maintenance and financial history with ease.

Livlet was founded by Dasha Klyachko, an entrepreneur who was finding that managing her home was complex, time-consuming and stressful. She saw an opportunity to change the way we manage our homes.

The platform was born in 2020. Dasha has a strong business background having founded a consulting services business in 2000 that tested financial applications for banks, brokerages, and tools providers which she grew to 1,000 employees.

The platform connects all the details of a home, presenting cost analyses, proactively forecasting maintenance schedules, and providing personalised recommendations on how to enhance the value and environmental credentials of a home.

Multi-property support on the platform is due to launch in autumn 2022, and a mobile app is currently under development.

Dasha Kylachko, Founder and CEO of Livlet, commented: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Hiscox and to launch this offer – especially at a time when the costs of running a home are rising. It is clear that Hiscox is aligned with our aim to provide a simpler, smarter way to manage our homes.”