Home Sec launches EU migration study and UK military leader backs trans troops – Politics roundup

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Home Secretary Amber Rudd
Home Secretary Amber Rudd

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Conservatives launch Brexit EU migration statistics

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has commissioned a detailed assessment of the costs and benefits of migrants from the European Union in the lead up to the next round of Brexit negotiations.

The Migration Advisory Committee will study and report back on migration trends and assess the social and economic impact of the incoming fall in migrant workers.

The Home Office asked the committee to consider which sectors are going to be the worst affected and what areas of the UK are going to see a shortage of workers.

UK military leaders back transgender troops

Following US President Donald Trump’s series of tweets stating that transgender troops will no longer be allowed in the military, British officials have defended the role they have within the UK forces.

Commander of UK Maritime Forces, Rear Admiral Alex Burton tweeted is support stating he was ‘glad we are not this way’.

Economic growth rates rise

The UK economic growth rose slightly higher in the three months leading up to June as stronger service sector offset weaker construction, property and manufacturing.

Statistics released by the Office of National Statistics show the economy grew 0.3% but conceded it was a ‘notable slowdown’ from 2016.

The service and retail sectors as well as the booming UK film industry aided the growth.

Does the diesel car ban go far enough?

Yesterday, Transport Secretary Chris Gayling announced that the UK would be scrapping all diesel and petrol cars from 2040 and a further £255 million would be made available to councils to tackle air pollution.

Environmental groups and the Green Party have welcomed the announcement but have said the strategy does not go far ‘enough or fast enough’.

Areeba Hamid of Greenpeace UK and Caroline Lucas of the Green Party said 2040 was far too late and that actions need to be taken now if the UK was to ‘lead the world in clean transport revolution’.

PM admits Tories were ‘wrong’ on gay rights

Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted that her conservative party’s previous stance on gay rights was ‘wrong’.

On the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, May acknowledged that her party had come along way and would not’ go backwards’ on gay rights.

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