How businesses can prepare for Black Friday

With Black Friday looming, SaleCycle, a UK based global Behavioural Marketing firm, has provided some eye-opening insights for businesses on how to prepare for one of the biggest sale events of the year, which sees consumers flocking to online stores.

In eCommerce, Black Friday is one of the biggest and most valuable days of the year. Understanding the increase in traffic to your site can better prepare you for Black Friday. SaleCycle takes a look at Black Friday 2020’s trends and patterns from their Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy & Stats Report and how they can help you prepare your business for Black Friday 2021.

In 2020, online traffic increased day-on-day in the week leading up to Black Friday. Strategising early can help you make the most of the increased traffic over this period. Providing a sneak peek of what you’re offering on Black Friday can drum up excitement and have consumers ready to convert.

To beat the virtual queues on Black Friday, early-bird shoppers will be online first thing in the morning; in 2020, traffic increased by 73% at 6am from the day’s minimum (4am) and 179% by 8am. To capitalise on these early shoppers, make sure your website and advertising campaigns are up and running well in advance of the 6am rush.

Although sales events like Black Friday tend to drive down cart abandonment, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t still high. On Black Friday 2020, cart abandonment rates were at 76.63%. Focus on abandonment and conversion rate strategies in the run up to the day and focus on improving user experience on-site.

Don’t forget to ride the wave of the Black Friday Sale by carrying on your tactics into Cyber Monday and the Christmas shopping period. The trends of Black Friday can be invaluable for your future strategies.

Brad Ward, author of the 2021 Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy & Stats Report, said: “Black Friday is one of the most crucial sales periods for eCommerce businesses, which is why we’ve completed this extensive analysis of last year’s event.

“The data in this report is built from analysing 59 million total baskets created and 487 million users-sessions tracked across a wide variety of sectors. This has allowed us to paint an in-depth picture of shopper behaviour, which is invaluable for those looking to maximise conversions during the Black Friday rush and beyond.”

A key takeaway from the report is that 70% of online shoppers were making their purchases on a mobile phone. We’d recommend looking at the user experience of your website through an iPhone and jump on any conversion rate opportunities.