How can Apple Specialist’s Sync help lead your digital transformation?

Tom Crump

Tom Crump

Tom Crump from Sync recently spoke to Business Leader about how they can help your business grow by providing best-in-class tech solutions.

Can you give an overview of the company?

Sync works with organisations across the UK to create great solutions and services, utilising technology to enhance workflows, and support businesses.

Formerly GBM Digital Technologies Ltd, we have a proud heritage, supporting Manchester’s thriving creative industry since 1992.

The mass adoption of the internet has revolutionised modern life, and completely transformed the technology space, and businesses sometimes need a helping hand in acclimatising to the new tech. That’s where Sync steps in.

We strive to provide the very best for our clients. Whether they’re a business, school, or consumer, we supply them with the right devices and tools to help them excel and grow with our continued support. As an Apple Authorised Reseller, Jamf Gold Partner, Sync are perfectly placed to support your business.

What separates you from others within the industry?

We focus on delivering customer-centric solutions via a consultancy-lead approach, helping our clients get the most out of their tech and ensuring that they keep moving forward with us.

We’re also incredibly proud to be authorised by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and software developers, and hold strong product, sector-specific, and organisational knowledge which we use to provide the very best solutions to our clients.

Our teams are experts at what they do, and this is reflected in the work they put in, and the results that they deliver.  In 2020 we surveyed small and medium businesses in the UK to help assess the impact of Mac in business and we found that 87% of organisations reported an increase in productivity since deploying Mac.

How can you help businesses grow?

We introduce businesses to the Digital Transformation process where a business enhances the way it interacts with customers through the implementation of new technologies. A successful transformation can act as a catalyst for creativity and innovation within an organisation.

To ensure that the transformation goes as smoothly as possible, working with an IT consultant or solutions provider can help to keep things on course. The initial excitement and enthusiasm can prompt leaders to want to rip up the rule book, implement completely new ways of working, and replace legacy systems that have been embedded in the company for years. This expensive initial investment is too much of a sudden change and fails to consider the long-term nature of transformations. Further, this radical change is going to confuse and demotivate staff who were happy with the way things were. To avoid this, companies must start small, involve staff, and provide a detailed, long-term roadmap that implements fundamental change gradually – this ensures everyone is on board and the ROI on new tech systems will be a positive one.

From a financial perspective, some businesses might not be able to afford to buy the tech they need outright. We help them to scale their operations for less, saving them money and also providing the training to use their new technology, so they don’t have to pay to bring any additional trainers in. We teach them new skills which may even go on to become a saleable option for them in the future.

Our team of business specialists will meet you at your business, and talk through what is possible, and what you want to achieve. We will then create the ideal solution to help you reach your objectives, and modernise your businesses. Whereas many companies would charge for this, we do not as we see it as a vital part of the process required to build a solution.