How can Doshi Accounting help your business?

Business Leader recently spoke to Ken Montgomery from Doshi Accounting, to find out how the firm can support businesses grow.

Can you tell us about how you can support businesses?

Doshi Outsourcing can help support businesses by offering back office, non-client facing solutions which all businesses face. From basic data entry to preparing management reports or anti money laundering checks. We take the headache away from hiring staff, which saves our clients time and money on constant recruitment and training. This allows our clients to spend more time on the more profitable part of their business or allow them to free up some personal time. Our team have the ability to grow, to allow our clients to get them to do more complicated tasks. Of course, another benefit is the cost!

What areas or sectors do you specialise in?

As an outsourcing provider, our role is to provide good staff members, so we can cater for all industries, when it comes to back office functions. We originated the businesses in the accounting world, so anything from book keeping, VAT, payroll, draft accounts is our bread and butter. However, we have also transferred these skills to other business sectors, such as insolvency practitioners, solicitors, conveyancers and even telemarketing departments to organisations in varying sectors.

What profile of business or entrepreneur do you prefer to work with?

We are very flexible. We take on small and large clients.  We can work on a pay as you go model, where clients give us a few hours, worth of work a month to providing 10-plus full time staff members. Our clients must be willing to work with us to get the desired results, it is certainly a two-way relationship to make the most of outsourcing.

Can you give any examples of how you have helped businesses?

We have a service driven client, whose turnover has grown from £30,000 to £600,000 since joining us and has taken on no additional staff, not only is it very profitable for the client, but the free time allowed the client to go out and get new business, something the client really enjoys. We have another where he is now semi retired and spends half the year abroad with his family but his profits and turnover has maintained. You can really use Outsourcing to benefit your goals, whether it is less time in the office, more time at home, growing the business or even slowly winding down.

Dhruv Doshi, Sales Director

Tel: 020 8239 4999